Anna Chiappini - “Ciao ciao Australia!”

Anna Chiappini

Anna Chiappini is an Italian MBA student at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Somehow she's balancing her studies, a job AND a social life!

Hey all,

5 days until my departure… and it feels so weird. I thought that nothing changed since when I left Italy, the 1st of January 2012, but looking back everything is different!

I met new friends, went to one Aussie wedding and saw two of my friends becoming beautiful moms. I got to know a diverse flora and fauna; I visited some of the most amazing destinations worldwide, such as the Australian Outback, and I have been in some beautiful hidden spots, such as Ritchie's Hut in Victoria. Travelling with friends and family has been the best, but there is more! 

By living with International students and Australian friends, we tried each other's cuisine and sometimes cooked together: Asian, Australian, Ecuadorian and French culinary traditions… I definitely did not miss any part of the globe!

Adelaide gave me the chance to play as much sport as I wanted, from walking or running to the beach, to swimming in SA Aquatic Centre (a huge aquatic centre close to my house), knee-boarding at the Murray River, yoga class in a gorgeous winery in the Adelaide Hills and finally golf in a very quiet corner of the city!

Then what do you think of Aussies movies and local music? I might have watched the wrong ones, but my idea is that Aussie actors are great, singers and players are so amazing, but movies have been quite 'painful'… Lol! I hope I will change my mind one day! 

Finally, as you know, I studied hard and graduated successfully! 

Now it is time to say the real goodbye to everyone. Good luck and the best wishes designing your life in Australia and back home.

Take care!