Bert van der Veen - “Christmas lights, happy moments and way too much food”


Bert van der Veen

My name is Bert van der Veen and I am a 24 year old European Studies student from the Netherlands. Currently I am interning as an Erasmus intern at the International Office of Maynooth University. I will be staying in Ireland until the end of February and after that, I will go to Berlin for five months to study international communication.

DECEMBER! Definitely one of my favourite months of the year. A month filled with loads of happiness, thankfulness, food, presents, drinks and parties. Yes, why can’t it be December at least twice a year? :)

The first excitement of December was getting tickets to the Christmas Carol Service in the College Chapel (or actually my colleague Pauline got them, but she took me with her). The Church itself is absolutely stunning! I’ve been there a few times before, but still, every time I walk in it takes my breath away. Even though I’m not a religious person, I did enjoy the Carol Service and it was interesting to witness something like this.

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We also had our office Christmas party and Secret Santa. I got some cool reindeer slippers which I found really funny (yes, I’m 24 and yes I still like reindeer slippers and I wore them proudly). Also, the dinner we had was very nice (delicious Thai food) and the bonus was that I could finally wear my Christmas jumper and man, that felt good! After weeks of looking for the perfect one, it was found at Pennys (I love that shop).

One of the biggest excitements of the month was the visit of the ex-intern Lena!! She arrived the Friday and of course we started the weekend with a Diceys session, which lasted long enough for the whole weekend (but, off-course we didn’t only go out on Friday). On Saturday evening, our colleague Cliodhna invited us to her home for a lovely dinner where she made her AMAZING brownies as desert.