Yulin Wang - “Chinese New Year”


Yulin Wang

Yulin Wang is a Chinese international student studying in the UK. His blog is about his life at the University of Chichester studying Sports Therapy.

xin nian kuai le新年快乐

This year was no different to history, across China millions of people were making great efforts to travel thousands of miles by train, air or coach through many different cities and provinces to make their way home. It is not exaggerating at all to call it the world’s biggest annual human migration. It is traditionally all about kicking off the celebration with a large reunion dinner: tuan yuan fan 团圆饭 and eating homemade dumplings - jiao zi, 饺子.


“… kicking off the celebration …”

As an overseas student studying Sports Therapy in the UK, I once again couldn’t make my way back to China to celebrate the greatest festival with my family, although I kept comforting myself with something like ‘my  brothers must be home by now, the house must filled with people with cheerful faces, laughter echoing from room to room’. Although I am not with them sitting in a circle happily chatting away in the local dialect over a freshly brewed jasmine-leaf tea pot in the family house, but perhaps this will be last time I am away from them during Chinese New Year. By thinking this way, it made me feel slightly better, my heart was lifted and filled with gentle warmth.


“… freshly brewed jasmine-leaf teapot …”