Tai Ekundayo - “Changing your Major”


Tai Ekundayo

Tai is a mature student studying Radiology at Fulton Montgomery Community College in the US.  He’s travelled from Nigeria via the UK to find himself in the US. His story is moving and inspirational.

It has been said that about 80 percent of students, mostly freshmen, end up changing their major at least three times over the course of their college career. So being undecided about your major is a common thing and a lot of students start off by taking general studies.

Choosing a major in college today is more difficult than ever because of the growing number of possibilities. Some colleges and universities are known to offer over 200 majors. Most students choose their major based on a career in which they are interested, some are inspired by a particular  professor, some just drift into it, some chose a major based on money (not advisable), some are influenced by friends and family, while others choose by their life experiences. I fall into that last category. 


“... the growing number of possibilities.”

Unfortunately, many choices are made for reasons other than following one’s heart and passion, and as time goes by and the semester progresses, a student could begin to realize that he or she is in the wrong field of study. Telltale signs are: loss of interest and not joining in classroom discussions, not enjoying the classes, struggling on the course, and getting bad grades. Such a student needs to see an advisor as soon as possible. I was in this position last semester when I withdrew from the nursing program because I had lost interest in it, I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, and I was beginning to struggle. I was advised to drop it. I then applied for the Radiologic Technology program and I was accepted.


“I then applied for the Radiologic Technology program …”