Jenny Jeong - “Change is good - Now it's time to embrace it”


Jenny Jeong

Jenny has travelled from her home in South Korea to study Tourism and Hospitality Management - Event Planning at Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning in Canada.

It’s been four years since I first came to Canada. Back in my home country of South Korea, I was a shy person who could speak very little English. However, I had always imagined myself going to different countries to explore a new aspect of life in a different environment. It was my curiosity that allowed me to make the decision to study abroad in Canada.

I arrived at Vancouver Island in September 2011 and attended Highland Secondary High school. Although it was not easy for me, I had to learn to accept new cultures and new people.

Change was something exciting, and my outgoing personality allowed me to talk to friends and join clubs at school. At school, I volunteered for Senior home at a Saint Josep’s hospital, Firefighting at Comox Fire Fighter Centre and Me to We day (Free the Children organization) in Vancouver. My high school experience in Vancouver helped me to realize that I am an active person who is passionate about events and meeting new people.


“I am an active person …”

By Grade 12, I had no idea where the time had gone. When it came to applying for universities or colleges, I was confused again by the challenges as I faced decisions around my post-secondary education path. I remember preparing all the documents and applying for Humber College while sweating about choices I had already made.