Ishita Ghelani - “Bidding Adieu!”


Ishita Ghelani

Ishita has left her home in India to study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing Management at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Canada.

It was almost two years back when I decided to come to this beautiful country to pursue my higher education. After seeing the beautiful Lakeshore campus at Humber College, I needed no time to decide to study here. Ever since, I have enjoyed coming to college – yes, even when it was crazy cold in winter!

These two years have been a priceless experience and journey for me. From making the first international trip to learning how to cook to working, the journey has taught me a lot. I was a bit of a pampered spoilt brat when back home. I am no more proud of it as my respect towards people who make their own living at such a young age has increased tremendously.

At Humber, I not only met people from all walks of life and different countries, but also made great friends with whom I will continue to stay in touch after the school ends. They have quickly become an integral part of my life. The time spent working on school assignments was thoroughly enjoyable and less stressful only because it was with my friends.


“… working on school assignments was thoroughly enjoyable …”

 I will definitely miss coming to school and seeing their faces every day.  As a class, we have decided to meet up at least once a month and I will be communicating with my immediate close friends every second day and we shall try to meet as often as possible.