Hikari Kanda - “The best things of my time at Maynooth University”


Hikari Kanda

My name is Hikari Kanda. I'm an international student from Japan studying Economics at Maynooth University. I've been staying in Ireland for 10 months. I love exploring the scenery, culture and local food through travel.

My study abroad programme at Maynooth University has started around March. Time passed by so quickly. As an international student, I’ve been attending the English Language and Economics Programme for ten months now, and I’m currently living with a host family.

For the first article of my blog published as part of the amazing blog collection written by other great international students from Maynooth, I’d like to share about my life at Maynooth University along with a number of my favorite things here. So here we go:

The Beautiful Campus

I was yearning for large campus life with beautiful green lawn because I’ve never experienced such thing before. In contrast to Maynooth University, which has two wide campuses, my university in Japan doesn’t have any campuses, it’s only a building.

When I went back to school for the first time, I was impressed with the huge crowd of students who were chatting with friends, having lunch and enjoying the sun on the lawn. I rarely did those things when I was in Japan, so I was attracted by such ways to spend time on campus, especially by the lively atmosphere.

IMG 3944

Maynooth University is divided into two campuses. The one is the north campus which has many modern, well-equipped facilities and the one is the south campus that has got even a beautiful chapel. My favourite on-campus part is the south campus which has some traditional and historical buildings. I hardly ever take classes at the south campus though. When I first saw the buildings there, I thought ‘these look so similar to the buildings that appeared in Harry Potter’.

This image of European old yet ultra-modern university is what will guarantee for an amazing experience of student life here.