Shannon Holm - “Back in Ireland”


Shannon Holm

I am from Harare, Zimbabwe. After finishing high school in Harare, I moved to Maynooth. I am an international student doing my full undergraduate degree at Maynooth University. I have been studying English and Philosophy here for two years, and have one year left before I graduate. 

I arrived back in Ireland a couple of weeks ago! I am staying with a friend as I have come back early after the summer and so cannot move into my accommodation yet. I decided to come back early this year so that I would have time to do some travelling before lectures start. This will be my final year at Maynooth University and so I would like to visit all the places in Ireland that are on my list before I finish here.

The day after I arrived back I went to Dublin with a fellow international student, who had just arrived in Ireland for the first time. Due to my relative familiarity with Dublin, I had to take up the role of tour guide. Although I have been studying in Ireland for two years, I have still not completely come to grips with Dublin.

Dublin 1

I could do a guided tour of Maynooth with my eyes closed, but Dublin is a different story. Nevertheless, my companion over-estimated my ability and I did not want to let them down. Our day went well considering. Through luck and phone maps, I found every place I needed to find, although sometimes through some winding routes!