Maria Isabel Bonilla - “Arizona Heat, Arizona Joy”

Maria Isabel Bonilla

  Isa has left her home in Colombia to study Equestrian Studies at Rocky Mountain College in the USA.  When she’s not studying she likes reading, dancing, traveling and many other creative activities.  

And so, I’ve found myself in Scottsdale, AZ for my Equestrian Summer Internship. So far I love it! I’ve met a lot of interesting people and am learning even more about horses. The surroundings are beautiful, and there’s wildlife everywhere, hopefully none that might put my health at risk.  One of my favourite things about AZ is their sunsets: shades of yellows, reds, oranges and purples that set the sky on fire and look absolutely lovely against the stark silhouettes of the giant cacti. I’ve definitely have a lot to explore around here!


“ … there’s wildlife everywhere …”


Furthermore, as the tropical, heat-loving creature that I am, I have found the temperatures here quite suitable. It gets real hot sometimes, but after the horrid winter back in Montana, sunburns, sweat and excessive use of sunscreen are a more than welcome sight. At least now I only have to wear a tank top and jeans instead of those 6 layers of underarmour! 110° F never felt sooooo good.


“It gets real hot sometimes …”

There’s more to Arizona than meets the eye, and I hope I get to see a lot during this summer!!