Madhur Prashant - “ An Uninvited Guest”


 Madhur Prashant

Madhur Prashant has graduated from Humber and is ready for her next adventure!

Of the many personal phantoms I face, there is one I have been able to tame just a teeny weeny bit: presenting, stage fright! Gosh... a dozen stares scanning us as we try to outshine the president of our country is fun, in my dreams. In reality, I'm made weak in the knees and tied in the tongue. Even a seasoned stage artist cannot escape a surge of fear, doubt and sensitivity before stepping onstage. Sweaty cold palms, frozen stiff but trembling limbs, aching tummy and a spinning head – sound familiar? Despite having made several presentations in my various schools and workplaces, I am still affected by stage fright, which continues to gatecrash and ruin my moment of excitement.


I'll share a moment when I was daunted by stage fright before making a presentation, and how then I took charge of the battle. The only way to conquer this demon, stage fright, was to portion it into stages of fight. I haven't  completely relinquished it, but have fought whenever it has shown up uninvited.

 Once what happened was...

Making presentations is not my cup of tea. I remember when once, in the middle of my hard-worked-upon presentation, I forgot an entire train of thought right there. I struggled to say more than what was on the slide and my mouth had run out of words. I stared at my audience and they reciprocated, with the same confusion. I fumbled, repeated the same thing and felt each stare prick me. Stage fright had gripped me tight.


“I forgot an entire train of thought …”