Hasti Fifadra - “An Expedition to the Land of Oshawa”


 Hasti Fifadra

Hasti travelled from India to study Accounting & Business at Durham College in Canada.  She has now graduated and is blogging as an alumnus about her time as an international student in Canada.

I have always wondered how fascinating it might be to write a blog post. I never really gave much thought to writing one myself. Lately, I realised it’s not just about having exceptional vocabulary or a good writing sense but more about expressing your thoughts convincingly. Of course you do need some writing skills to involve your audience and a good flow to represent your ideas. So here I stand with my first blog. I hope my blogs can provide some insight on living and studying in Oshawa.

After graduating from high school, I wanted to do something exciting in life so I decided to study abroad, experience a new lifestyle and see through a different perspective.  All this was made true by my extremely supportive parents. Mumma took care of all the arrangements and Dadda accompanied me to Canada. It’s tough to leave your family and friends and start fresh. My first impression of Toronto was a snow-clad city. It all looked so attractive and chilling. I started school in 2014 which marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. During my initial days living in a student dormitory, I made a few good friends. I believe, all it takes to make friends is to show some participation and take a little initiative to talk with them. I met people from different parts of the world and we gradually transformed into friends.


“… we gradually transformed into friends.”