Chad Han Yixian - “An excuse to wine”

Chad Han Yixian

Chad Han Yixian is a Singaporean blogger studying Nutrition at Flinders University. Chad is one of those larger-than-life students who believes in working hard and playing harder.

So I was invited by a friend to an outing to visit the wineries. At first, I wasn’t that interested because I have already been to the Barossa Valley in South Australia twice already. I do love wineries but the idea of going there for the third time made me think twice.

However, this winery tour they were organising was to the Adelaide Hills wineries near Crafers and my favourite German town, Handorf – and also not too far from university. I’m glad I went for the tour that day because the weather was awesome, the people I met were funky and the wine was tasty.

The downside of it was that I had to get myself up and ready to go before 8am. 8am! That meant that I was suppose to wake up at 7.30am? On top of that, it was a Sunday! People do not wake up at 7am on a Sunday! So, I managed to get ready by 8am and my friend was kind enough to pick me up because I don’t drive in Adelaide. We whizz through the roads, picked up another friend from another suburb, forgot the name of it but the house was so huge. We all gathered together at the organisers house, another friend of mine. My jaw dropped when I saw a horse - my friends pet.

Pets in Singapore were restricted to dogs, cats, hamsters, birds etc. A horse is definitely something new. And the surprising thing was that the neighbour had about 30 kangaroos?

The first winery we visited was called The Lane. Hmm, I wonder what rhymes with lane… lame? JUST KIDDING!! Ok, this winery had the best service in terms of their knowledge of wine and professionalism. The manager who dressed so fine, shared a whole lot of wine related terms such as slippery and woody etc. He was so into his whole wine lecture I felt I should be taking notes. I am more of a sweet wine person so I didn’t get any wine from them.

The rest of the wineries we visited were much more cosy and with services that had their own personal touch; something I always look out for. The Bird in Hand was my favourite winery of the day.

So if you think Barossa Valley is too far of a drive for you, you can always try the Adelaide Hills for a different type of experience. I personally recommend the Bird in Hand for first class service and absolutely delicious wine.

Bird in Hand Road, Woodside, Adelaide hills, SA 5244

I swear they didn’t bribe me.