Natasha Madhavan - “A Weekend With Friends at Carlow”

Natasha Madhavan

Natasha, from India, is a first year student studying International Finance and Economics at Maynooth University. She loves animals, playing sports and reading books. 

I had an unexpected trip to Carlow with my friends, as one of them lives there. It also happened to coincide with my 19th birthday! So you can imagine that it was quite a fun weekend and I’m going to tell you all about it in this blog.

My weekend at Carlow began with a long drive on the Irish roads with my friends, one of them who had recently got her license which was very exciting. We kept jokingly telling her not to crash into a tree or a fence haha. We played loud music and sang along with it, it really was quite fun! Almost like a road trip, however it was just a ride to a mall and to the movies haha! We spent the whole day shopping, eating at McDonald’s and watching a movie. It was a nice day.


The next day, we celebrated my birthday by baking an amazing chocolate cake and going out at night to the pubs! That chocolate pretty much filled us up for the whole day. There happened to live bands at the pub that night, which was awesome! Live music is a favourite of mine to listen to, regardless of the genre of music. They played really good music, with some classics fitted in between which we all sang along to together. And if that much singing wasn’t enough, we came back home and set up the karaoke machine to sing again! It was really quite amusing (Apparently we love to exercise our vocal chords to the maximum).


The following morning, we drove to my friend’s family farm. That was a fascinating trip indeed, especially for a girl who has lived in a city her whole life. All the farm animals: pigs, chickens, lambs and so many more! I was particularly attached to their horse, who was named Lightning. Horses are such majestic creatures, and Lightning was no exception. It was interesting to see how farms worked on a daily basis and how different the lifestyle is from the typical city life. The surroundings were so much more beautiful filled with sounds of nature.


Then, we made a trip to Rathwood, which is a Home and Garden Centre. It had some shops along with a nature walk. It is very famous for its children’s activities throughout the year, especially during Christmas. It was a lovely long walk in the woods (helped us work off some of the calories from eating all that cake!) and it was a perfect end to my stay in Carlow.



I’d suggest to people to take trips to new places more often. It really takes you away from the stress of everyday life and brings you cheerful memories to reflect on, especially if you spend them with your good friends!