Madhur Prashant - “A Different Road To My Goal”


 Madhur Prashant

Madhur Prashant has graduated from Humber and is ready for her next adventure!

Relocation to another country requires that we rebuild our life from zero. Zero is akin to a blank slate. Everything new that we are to write on it must conform to local standards and norms. But, can experienced international professionals restart from zero, only because their experience is not recognized in the new setting? Relocation comes with a cost and an immense responsibility upon individuals to acknowledge this as not a reflection of their worth but an opportunity to experiment and explore using their past knowledge.

I am a foreign worker with over six years of full-time experience as professional writer of media communication and educational resource development in India. I hold two educational credentials from Canada and one from India. Canada has given me many opportunities to expand my skills, and the chance to test myself in unexpected territories and professions. While I explored new professions, I found it difficult to enter my intended field of work. Not only is it guarded by tight requirements; it is also difficult to build trust with most employers since I am not a native English speaker. While I don’t come with any ‘formal training’ as required in my field, I do have the experience to back my skills and knowledge, which is unfortunately not recognized here.

The odds in my job search are mind boggling, and despite being exposed to local culture and systems, my search for it has lurked amid petty reasoning and rationale. According to the editor of a famous publishing house I met, both my profession and experience are ‘niche’ and hard to attain out here. Add to it the common assumption of employers that my lack of Canadian work experience but a strong international experience renders me inept for the role. At times, repeated callousness of and lackluster response from many employers cost me some good opportunities. Plus, the outlook of many to procure free work on the pretext of offering exposure has hit me hard. Initially I had refused; but eventually have had to succumb to this idea to get any further.