Priscilia Widjaja - “A Beautiful Exploration”


 Priscilia Widjaja

Priscilia travelled all the way to New Zealand from her home in Indonesia to study Human Nutrition. When she’s not studying you’ll find her taking great photos of the wonderful scenery that surrounds her. 


The next day, I went on another journey to Glenorchy, a smaller town near Queenstown.


“… another journey to Glenorchy …”

I booked a horse-riding trip to the Lord of the Rings shoot locations. I was so excited because I had been saving my money for this. Once all of the tour participants were ready to go, we went to an area called Paradise. Yes, the name is Paradise and I could see why it is known by such a name. “I’m in paradise…” I rated that as one of the best experiences in my life.


“... a horse-riding trip ...”



“... an area called Paradise. ”