Priscilia Widjaja - “A Beautiful Exploration”


 Priscilia Widjaja

Priscilia travelled all the way to New Zealand from her home in Indonesia to study Human Nutrition. When she’s not studying you’ll find her taking great photos of the wonderful scenery that surrounds her. 

A long time before I decided to make a move to New Zealand, I always thought of traveling throughout the South Island. Fortunately, I got an opportunity to work on a triathlon event in Wanaka, a small town 3.5 hours drive away from Dunedin.


“… Wanaka …”

I decided to go to other cities first to explore the Southern Lakes area more. I went to Queenstown, a popular tourist destination. Some people said that you haven’t been to NZ when you haven’t been to Queenstown, so I gave it a go. I am not a fan of tourist spots as accommodation and activities tend to be pricey. When I arrived in Queenstown I was appalled by how crowded it was. I felt the crowd was almost similar to Kuta, a tourist area in Bali. I went on the cable car to go up the hill and the view was incredibly stunning.


“… the view was incredibly stunning. ”

Then I did the Luge, it was beautiful and I felt like I was on top of the world.


“… the Luge …”