Shelby Zimmerman - “Five Reasons to Study Abroad at Maynooth University”


Shelby Zimmerman

Shelby Zimmerman recently graduated from Towson University in Baltimore, MD with a degree in History and Museum Studies. She had an incredible experience studying abroad at Maynooth University, so decided to return to Maynooth as a summer intern in the International Office. 

Here are my five great reasons to study abroad at Maynooth:

1. Location


Maynooth is a cute town that is only 15 miles from Dublin City Centre.  Buses and trains run directly from Maynooth to Dublin, so you have easy access to everything Dublin has to offer in less than 45 minutes. As Ireland’s only college town, Maynooth has shops, pubs, cafes, parks, and everything else a student needs. Studying abroad at Maynooth University gives you the best of both worlds, in which you get to experience life in an Irish town while having Dublin in your backyard.

2. Lifelong Friends


The friends you meet at Maynooth University are ones you will cherish even after you return home. You form a special connection with your study abroad friends, in which they become your Maynooth friends. My friends and I exchanged postcards after we left Maynooth. Studying abroad at Maynooth University facilitates making friends from Ireland and around the world. With over 100 clubs and societies, you have the opportunity to meet people with similar interests. Your classes are also a combination of Irish and international students that ensure you will make a friend from a different country.