Felipe Guapo - “5 Nice Things About Spending the Christmas Holidays in Dublin”


Felipe Guapo

My name is Felipe Guapo, I am a 23 year old Brazilian science graduate and I have just begun my time abroad living in Ireland.

When we think about Christmas it is almost impossible to ignore that picture that comes to mind of a big table full of food and surrounded by our relatives. Christmas may be losing its religious nature to some people but it will never lose its familiar touch, the ending of the year is still a date to be with your family in most parts of the world. So what can someone get by not travelling back home for the holidays and staying in a city like Dublin instead?

I am listing below 5 things that helped me to get through Christmas in Dublin without getting sad about not being with my family.

Number 1: The 3 accessories that can transform your car in Santa’s favourite reindeer.

As the holidays approach, there is something very curious that starts to be seen on the Irish roads, the image of cars dressed with a 3-piece reindeer set can bring a smile to everyone’s face. This definitely started putting me in the mood for Christmas from early December and I surely wish we could have the same tradition in Brazil.

Reindeer Car acessory Source Groupon

Christmas Car Accessory Kit - Image from Groupon

Number 2: The cold weather!

Christmas coincides with the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, thus hearing people on the streets of Ireland wishing for a “white Christmas” is not difficult. I have always been used to having high temperatures in December, which means that having a cold Christmas was definitely something new and also enjoyable. The Holiday was definitely the coziest one I have ever had.

Number 3: Busking session on Grafton Street, Dublin

Different musicians take to Grafton Street in Dublin throughout the year and you can also find them there during the holidays. The music makes you appreciate every minute spent in Dublin but there is also something else that you can appreciate if you visit the famous street during Christmas eve. Every year, famous musicians meet in the street for an hour of busking. Last year’s session counted with the presence of Glen Hansard, Gavin James, The Coronas and Damian Rice.

 Christmas decorations at Grafton Street

Christmas Decorations on Grafton Street