Bert van der Veen - “31 days in Ireland”


Bert van der Veen

My name is Bert van der Veen and I am a 24 year old European Studies student from the Netherlands. Currently I am interning as an Erasmus intern at the International Office of Maynooth University. I will be staying in Ireland until the end of February and after that, I will go to Berlin for five months to study international communication.

At the moment I am writing this, I really start to realize how fast the days have flown by here. It only feels like yesterday that I put my feet on Irish ground for the first time. Arriving in Dublin was overwhelming and seeing the city took my breath away. Did I ever see such a sweet and charming capital city? I don’t think so.

The buildings were phenomenal, the people oh so friendly and the weather... (Yeah, what can I say about that?). After arriving in the town that I will call my home for the next six months and meeting my landlady over there I had finally time to sit down, relax and let everything sink in.

Monday the 4th of September was my first day as an intern in the International Office of Maynooth University. Since the first moment I set foot in the office, I felt extremely welcome and at home in this dedicated and hard working team. And today, 31 days later, I still think of them the same way and every day is truly flying by.

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From hectic and busy work days during Orientation Week ‘til relaxing lunches at one of the best burger restaurants of Ireland and from signing tonnes of Erasmus Learning Agreements and Certificates of Attendance ‘til having morning ‘meetings’ in the offices of your colleagues, you will all experience it during an internship at the International Office of Maynooth University!

Of course I won’t be spending all my time here in Ireland working (even though the International Office is a great place to work), so every chance that I can grab to see something of the country/culture I grab it! And luckily, one of my colleagues had loads of nice trips planned with a group of US students. 

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