Chaeyoung Lim - “2017 Maynooth University Summer School (2)”


Chaeyoung Lim

Chaeyoung Lim is Korean PhD student in Information Systems in Tokyo Institute Technology. He likes exploring new food and beer, reading books, socialising with people from various backgrounds, travelling and dancing. Maynooth is his fourth living city after Seoul (S.Korea), Tokyo (Japan) and Aachen (Germany).

In the first week of September 2017, a “Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” Maynooth University Summer School took place. It included five days of intensive lectures, discussions, practice-based workshops, and a day of cultural excursions.

Based on this topic scholars and graduate students from institutions in Ireland and Japan (Tokyo Institute of Technology, here after TokyoTech) gathered and made fruitful interactions about a variety of system design issues at the venue (Innovation Value Institute, Maynooth University).

Let’s hear vivid story-tellings about the summer school experience from the student participants.

Q1. Can you introduce about yourself?

Kan Uchida (hereafter, Kan): Hello! My name is Kan from Tokyo. I am a master student studying Information Systems in TokyoTech. Yet, I have no specific research discipline but be in the process of deciding the topic. My hobby is programming, drinking various kinds of alcohols, and working-out at the gym near my home.

Xiaohan Tian (hereafter, Xiaohan): Hey! I am Xiaohan from China. I am doing doctoral study in TokyoTech. My current research interest is in Business Process Management.

Novandra Pratama (hereafter, Nova): Hi! I am Nova, a doctoral student from TokyoTech. I am interested in study of DEMO (Design and Engineering Methodology for Organization) related to business modeling.

Q2. What was your motivation and expectation before joining the summer school?

Kan: I have never been to Europe in my life. I thought that joining this camp would be very nice chance to get cultural experience as well as knowledge on design approaches. But I should be honest here; I had bit more interests on cultural interactions.

Xiaohan: I am still in early stage of doctoral research. So the most attractive point of the summer school for me was that there are similar but distinctive academic topics everyday provided by different experts and scholars in the field. I expected to attain various kinds of research knowledge, topics, ideas, and opportunities, which may help my research activities in the future.

Nova: There are two reasons: “I like to learn something new” and “I have never been to Ireland yet”. I wanted to see how the academic lectures and activities are made in opposite parts of the world. And I feel I am learning something more by interacting with many people from diverse cultural backgrounds.