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Kate O'Donnell - “A Day in the Life of an International Undergrad Student”

The question I get asked most often from both Irish and American friends is how my daily life is different in Ireland compared to the United States. A typical day for me living in Ireland is drastically different than in the United States. To be honest, I’d say that the biggest difference would be… read more

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Jasna Rajnar Petrovic - “Remembering April: oh April, fickle but also beautiful April”

There was rain, wind, a tiny bit of sun and thank the higher forces, no snow! We were really blessed with three perfectly sunny days in a row in April, which is unbelievable! Don't get me wrong, there's sun all the time – but for 15 minutes, followed by rain, clouds, and then everything all over a… read more

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Kate O'Donnell - “Semester 1: 2017 (when it all started)”

So, I finally made back to Maynooth after deciding to transfer and become a full-time student here after being a studying abroad student. This time around has been very different. I came back thinking that I would be a second-year student, but after some confusion and frustration, I learned that I w… read more

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Kate O'Donnell - “The beginning of my life in Ireland: how I got here”

The journey that got me to Maynooth is quite interesting. When I was applying for college, I never would have imagined studying abroad in Ireland, or even becoming a full-time student here. It originally began with my application to the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I always knew that … read more


Lacey Marie Smith - “Have your tea biscuits and eat them too”

As I was tumbling from a pier in Howth, I felt as though I had a lifetime to think about feathers. Bird feathers and bowling balls because in a vacuum they fall at the same rate, at the exact same rate as each other, at the same rate as I would, and how can I learn that fact and still not… read more

St Patricks Day

Jasna Rajnar Petrovic - “A tale of a Slovenian coming back to Ireland”

Coming back after 4 long years proved to bring a mixture of feelings to me. Firstly I needed to finish, submit and defend my masters’ thesis before coming here, which I managed to do in the nick of time. Secondly, my flight got cancelled because of Storm Emma. So I arrived at Dublin airport with a… read more

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Nissi Susan John - “Hello, St Patrick's Day!”

Even before coming to Ireland, I had heard about the rich culture and tradition of this nation. With this culture is entwined the very famous festival St Patrick’s Day, which is a cultural and religious celebration held on March 17, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron … read more

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Bert van der Veen - “Bad news: time flies. Good news: you’re the pilot.”

So, I thought it would be nice to start of this blog with a quote, because it’s true. These six months have flown by so quickly, but luckily, I’m the pilot J. That’s one thing I definitely discovered while being here in Ireland. When I first came to Maynooth in September, the end of February s… read more


Nikita Sarawagi - “Never stop exploring”

This eventful semester at Maynooth has finally come to an end with the exams finishing recently but let's not linger on the topic of exams too long and let me tell you about a few of my ‘exploring Ireland’ stories. My friends and I went to the Dublin Gurdwara one Sunday, which is a place of wor… read more

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Bert van der Veen - “Reminiscing about January...”

So, January flew by this time. What it was, I have no idea, but it’s a good sign I suppose. On the 3rd of January, I arrived back in Ireland after celebrating (an amazing) Christmas back home. It was nice to catch up with friends and colleagues after being away for two weeks. Of course, on… read more

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Lacey Marie Smith - “Silent M’s and Silent Nights: an ode to ‘Oments’”

“Where are my international students?” Unable to escape the subsequent prodding and nudging by the giggling sopranos around me, I warily raise my hand. The director turns his attention to it, unfortunately and apparently the only hand in the room. “And how did that feel?” “Well,” I de… read more


Nikita Sarawagi - “‘tis the season”

As I was walking on my way back home from the university I happened to pass by this place called the Carton House and started wondering what else is there because the pathway leading to it looked so spectacular. My first instinct was that I must walk down that road and that's exactly what … read more

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Hikari Kanda - “My 10 months in Ireland”

Ten months have passed since I came to Ireland and I can’t believe how fast time went by. I am missing my life here more and more with each day as I have only about 2 weeks until I go back to Japan. I would like to look back on each month I have spent in Ireland so far in this last blog. March L… read more

Winter Solstice

Rachel Tan - “‘Switch off’ the PhD Life: Summer in Dunedin”

Summer is the season to be jolly and a time of merriment in Dunedin! December in New Zealand is certainly something that I look forward to. The campus would be exceptionally quiet as many would be away for the festive season and long breaks.  It's a time that reminds many of us PhD&nb… read more

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Bert van der Veen - “Christmas lights, happy moments and way too much food”

DECEMBER! Definitely one of my favourite months of the year. A month filled with loads of happiness, thankfulness, food, presents, drinks and parties. Yes, why can’t it be December at least twice a year? :) The first excitement of December was getting tickets to the Christmas Carol Service in the… read more


Lai Cheng - “A Great Time During the Christmas Holidays in Dublin”

For Christmas this year, I am very excited because this is my first Christmas abroad. To tell the truth, Christmas is not a traditional festival in China, so it is just like a shopping day for most of people. When I was a child, I wondered what Christmas was like abroad. This holiday, my wish has co… read more


Hikari Kanda - “Most Wonderful Time of the Year (December)”

The way to spend a wonderful time is not only in Ireland but studying here you gives you the opportunity to visit other Europe countries at weekends and holidays. Ireland has the Dublin Airport, which is a hub connecting with many other countries for reasonable prices. If I visit Germany from Japan,… read more

3. Meet my happy friendshappy after shopping

Nikita Sarawagi - “Welcoming snow…”

Here comes my second blog! A lot of things happened since the last time I wrote, all of them amazing to my delight. I was supposed to be uploading this blog by last week, but since I was busy experiencing all of them amazing experiences I am late on my blog. However, this delay resulted into one mor… read more

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Bert van der Veen - “I really don't want to leave Ireland yet...”

Made it halfway! But it’s actually a sad realisation, as I really do not want to leave Ireland yet. Anyhow, the month was great (again) and even the weather was pretty nice (even though certain people would not agree with this one). I discovered that November is really a month in which the nature … read more


Lai Cheng - “Falling in love with Galway”

Two months have passed since I came to Ireland and actually I am used to the study and living environment here and I like them. As an international student, I’m curious about almost everything in my new life here. So, for the first blog, I will share my trip to Galway. I have to say this trip was… read more

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Hikari Kanda - “How to taste my way through Ireland”

It has been a month since I published my first blog. I was so piled with work up for the last a month as I had a lot of things to do for mid-term exams. (Actually it was the first time for me to take exams officially at college.) In these days, outside is dark and freezing on my way to the college … read more

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Lacey Marie Smith - “Meeting the road”

I used to run in Haiti under a sun made of fire. As I would pass along the road, a flurry of bare feet, brown eyes, and small arms would emerge from the frames of palm-thatched houses. Although their legs made two strides for every one of mine, they would keep pace with me past mango trees and cow-d… read more


Rachel Tan - “Student life: be financially savvy with a sustainable and green lifestyle”

Not long after I came to Dunedin, I enrolled in the sustainable living course held by the Dunedin City Council. The ad about the free course in the weekly Star paper attracted me because I associated sustainable living as being financially prudent, an important lifestyle for a student. The knowledg… read more

Friends visiting

Bert van der Veen - “My first ever Bank Holiday weekend, and other adventures”

Two months have passed since I first arrived here and sometimes it still feels like it was only yesterday that I entered this office for the first time. By now I’ve settled down quite well and I’m really getting used to my Irish life over here, so that’s a good thing. So, October was quite bu… read more

My angel in disguise Ann-Marie from SU and meMy angel in disguise, Ann-Marie from SU and me

Nikita Sarawagi - “From incredible India to incredible Ireland…”

Namaste! I am Nikita Sarawagi from India, pursuing my Masters in Data Science and Analytics at Maynooth University. It's been two months away from home and it’s the beginning of a whole different era in my century as a human. To be honest, I was slightly panicked about my new life in another count… read more


Jocelyn Pietro - “Semester’s Closing”

The semester is now coming to an end and while it is a time to rejoice at the thought of being done with finals, it is also quite a stressful time. There are so many different emotions surrounding returning to my home country. While I cannot wait to get back and give my family and friends a nice bi… read more

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Rachel Tan - “Traveling to Hiroshima: Summer Fireworks, A-Dome and Miyajima Island”

I had the opportunity to do some touristic activities in Hiroshima after attending the Interdisciplinary Conference for Social Sciences as an Emerging Scholar in July. It was summer and the heat could be as high as 38 Celsius! The good part for me was the humidity would benefit my dry skin. Weath… read more

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Hikari Kanda - “The best things of my time at Maynooth University”

My study abroad programme at Maynooth University has started around March. Time passed by so quickly. As an international student, I’ve been attending the English Language and Economics Programme for ten months now, and I’m currently living with a host family. For the first article of my blog p… read more


Jocelyn Pietro - “Making Dunedin Home”

There are so many emotions that come along with embarking on an adventure to study abroad in a new place whether that be for a semester, a year, or longer. If you are considering the University of Otago hopefully the following information will help to settle some of the nervous emotions that come al… read more

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Bert van der Veen - “31 days in Ireland”

At the moment I am writing this, I really start to realize how fast the days have flown by here. It only feels like yesterday that I put my feet on Irish ground for the first time. Arriving in Dublin was overwhelming and seeing the city took my breath away. Did I ever see such a sweet and charming c… read more

Abel Tasmen

Jocelyn Pietro - “Old Car, New Adventure”

A seven day road trip, in a 1997 Toyota Caldina with a Scot, a Dane, and an American was just about to begin. It was the Sunday after the All Blacks game (that we won!), we packed up some food, filled up the tank, and were on our way to road trip the South Island. We got to Akaroa at dark and the… read more


Chaeyoung Lim - “2017 Maynooth University Summer School”

In the first week of September 2017, a “Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” Maynooth University Summer School took place. It included five days of intensive lectures, discussions, practice-based workshops, and a day of cultural excursions. Based on this topic scholars and graduate students f… read more


Chaeyoung Lim - “2017 Maynooth University Summer School (2)”

In the first week of September 2017, a “Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” Maynooth University Summer School took place. It included five days of intensive lectures, discussions, practice-based workshops, and a day of cultural excursions. Based on this topic scholars and graduate students f… read more


Rachel Goh - “When I decided to be semi-adventurous, part 2”

Rachel continues to share her adventurous stories from 2016/17.(On the off chance that you've missed the first part of her story, click here to be amazed) 3. Nelson/Abel Tasman This trip was probably the most random thing I have ever done. I honestly didn’t know if I was up for kayaking a whole … read more

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William Rooney - “A heart full of gratitude”

“The days are long, but the years are short,” goes the saying—referring to the paradoxical way in which individual days can seem slow and busy while months and years seem to whizz by. And, indeed, it rings all too true as I approach the end of my Mitchell year and begin to reflect on these rat… read more


Rachel Goh - “When I decided to be semi-adventurous, part 1”

Kit Kat got it right with their slogan “Have a break. Have a Kit Kat”. Having a break (and lots of chocolate) is important, especially when you’re constantly surrounded by deadlines and tons of readings. Lucky for me, I live in a place where escaping your responsibilities is still rather doabl… read more


Shelby Zimmerman - “Five Reasons to Study Abroad at Maynooth University”

Here are my five great reasons to study abroad at Maynooth: 1. Location Maynooth is a cute town that is only 15 miles from Dublin City Centre.  Buses and trains run directly from Maynooth to Dublin, so you have easy access to everything Dublin has to offer in less than 45 minutes. As Irelan… read more

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William Rooney - “Encountering the heritage of "Eire"”

One of the joys of this Mitchell year has been the opportunity to explore Ireland and to encounter the depth of its spiritual and historical heritage. Just by living here over the past 7 months, I have been well exposed to the enthusiasm of the Irish for all things Irish, but two trips this spring s… read more


Macey Berkley - “From my experience at Maynooth”

As my time at Maynooth University International Summer School comes to a close, I have created memories and experiences that could have not been possible back at home. As a result of this trip, I approach academics and even culture in a new way. One of my most treasured memories was getting to ex… read more

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William Rooney - “Studying the ABC's”

“Better you than me,” the Tesco customer service agent quipped with a chuckle as she rang up my groceries after asking what I am studying in school.  I laughed and promised that my studies toward a Master’s in philosophy of religion are not that abstract or distant, nor are they something… read more

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William Rooney - “Seeking integration toward the truth”

Moving to a new place to begin a new stage of life is such an interesting experience because it requires asking important fundamental questions about oneself and arriving at practical answers: how am I going to live? What kind of friendships am I going to seek? What will I do in my spare time? As A… read more

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Rachel Tan - “The 2017 Global Studies Research Conference at Singapore”

Searching for my first international conference on my research interest in globalisation, I stumbled upon Common Ground that hosts the Global Studies Research Network. My application was accepted and I attended the 10th Global Studies Conference (8-9 June 2017) at the National Univers… read more


Chaeyoung Lim - “Ireland, heaven for travelers”

Traveling is like as reading books. It not only gives us some space to observe, to think and to learn about new and various beings and their interactions around the world (i.e. various people, culture, history and nature), but also provides you with the chance to understand how those things are work… read more


Akash Murthy - “The little known trails around Maynooth”

I chose Ireland for reasons that not many folks pay prime attention to. I didn’t choose Maynooth University for the excellent tailored course that they offer, nor did I join in consideration of the booming Irish IT industry and in hopes of getting a job. I chose Ireland for its vast fields of gree… read more


Amit Doshi - “The New Zealand Diary 2.0: The Kiwi Sports Adventure”

Sipping my Mocha at Starbucks, Philadelphia (USA), when I reflected back on what I miss the most about my fantastic time in New Zealand other than the University of Otago experience, the answer appeared in a flash of a second - Sports Adventure! New Zealand is the home to the most exciting sports a… read more

Yufei-2-St Partick

Yufei Huo - “End of semester”

After the final exams, this semester finally comes to an end. The campus also becomes quieter. Many friends are leaving Maynooth for their individual home countries, some of them, I may rarely have the chance to see them again, though it sounds quite sad, it is a fact. So for me, I really cherish an… read more

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Annamae Beeler Sax - “Rolling Under the Stars”

“I know I have a whole year here, and I know how that year is going to fly by. I just take it a moment at a time, and never take those moments for granted.” This is what I wrote in my very first blog post, the day after I arrived in Ireland. Even jet-lagged and scatter brained, I knew that my… read more

11 Refreshing coffee

Rachel Tan - “My Study Spots: Libraries and Cafés in Dunedin”

Sometimes, when I have the writer’s block or I need a different writing environment, I try to work in a ‘non-office’ spot. This strategy of changing my work environment ensures that my productivity is on-going. The University’s various libraries and Dunedin’s wide range of cafés are wonde… read more

Munich 2

Annamae Beeler Sax - “Springfest in the Snow”

With one last trip out of the country to take before wrapping up the semester, my friend Nat and I decided on a camping trip in Munich for their annual Frühlingsfest, or Springfest, for a long weekend. This was our last trip, our big farewell, going out with a bang, and we couldn’t wait. We went… read more

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Chaeyoung Lim - “In Ireland, time flies when you relax”

 As a student from Japan, Ireland has been a faraway place for me, just like the Moon. Despite the fact that I have personally liked traditional Irish Celtic music and the taste of Guinness beer, those were the main things I knew about Ireland. Thanks to my recent progress on a collaborative r… read more