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Zanzibar Beach

Rachel Tan - “My photography hobby that helped me win the 2017 Otago Bulletin Photo Competition”

Last week, I was honoured to be chosen as the overall winner of the “2017 Otago Bulletin Board Staff Photo Competition”. My wonderful friends, Tracy and Naoko, made time to go along with me to the prize-giving ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by the Otago Bulletin Editor, Lisa Dick and the Comm… read more


Annamae Beeler Sax - “Chasing the Highlands”

Having learned so much about the ancient Celtic tradition in my old Irish classes here on campus, I couldn't wait to get a chance to explore Scotland and see how much of it had remained there, as well. Thankfully, my chance finally came, and my friend Nathalie and I left for a four day weekend, span… read more


Rachel Tan - “Connecting with the community: volunteering as an English tutor”

Wanting to have a richer Kiwi knowledge and experience, I decided to be a volunteer at UniCrew. Sze-En Watts, the co-ordinator of UniCrew, matched my interest in teaching with the role of a teaching assistant at English Language Partners Dunedin (ELPD). I got in touch with Jude Thomson, one of the t… read more


Calu Malta - “The different... Bristols”

There is one fundamental thing that Bristol is not – boring. In my time here, one of the most wonderful things I have learned about this place is that each area feels completely different to one another, and that each one has its own sense of character. I have been fortunate enough to live in two … read more

120716 Morning Ravensbourne 8

Rachel Tan - “Cycling, a great way to get about Dunedin!”

Having been cycling in Dunedin for some time now, I want to share my cycling experiences. After three months in this city, I decided to buy a bike and use it as my main mode of transport. However, I found that new bikes were costly and I started to look at second-hand bikes for sale.   &nbs… read more

pic 2

Rachel Tan - “A Write and Bike Retreat at the Wobbly Goat Café”

A writing retreat is an organised excursion for writing. The idea is to be away from your usual writing environment with the goal to write a section of your thesis or journal article. After writing, you could enjoy some activities as a treat for accomplishing the goal of the day. Some lucky friends… read more

blarney 3

Annamae Beeler Sax - “Feeling lucky”

Reaching the midpoint of my last semester here in Ireland, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly appreciative of my surroundings. While I’ve been cautious to never take a moment for granted, I’ve become hyper-attentive to my environment. I’ve come to find that I love everything about Irel… read more


Yufei Huo - “Cliffs of Moher and Limerick”

Ireland is no doubt a beautiful country with many great tourist attractions which are very well worth visiting. I have been living here for just half a year, so there are still many nice places that I have never been to - all of them await my exploration. Semester 2 just starts so l got a bit more t… read more

Maynooth University Schools Programme Practical Labs

Felipe Guapo - “From Student To Teacher”

From student to teacher: the adventures of becoming a teacher abroad and the secrets to improving a second language As I might have mentioned in one of the older posts, I came to Ireland for the first time in 2013 and studied for 15 months at the Maynooth University as part of a specialization… read more


Muhammad Reefath Rahman - “Our rooftop garden”

University life isn’t all about study. Every now and then, you get a chance to stop and re-energise. One way to do this at UniSA is to get involved in the Community Gardens. The Community Gardens helps students learn about gardening, share their knowledge and have some input into greening the camp… read more

Pride Parade blognumber2 image2

Jenny Chang - “Embrace”

In previous blogs, I’ve talked about how making new friends is so exciting and fun, this time, I also wanted to point out why these people are SO important – not only in a “study abroad” sort-of-way but also a live changing way. (Yes, it is that magical!) The language barrier is imaginary … read more


Calu Malta - “The Feminist Society”

I was continuously told that coming to University would be an amazing experience, but there was one particular aspect of it that took me by surprise: how important the University of Bristol’s Feminist Society proved to be to me, both in the sense that I strengthened existing friendships, and in th… read more

Belgian waffles

Natasha Madhavan - “A visit to Howth”

My friend and I wanted to have a relaxing weekend and wanted to explore more of Ireland. So we decided to take a train to Howth, which is known for its beautiful seaside views. We got off to a not-so-pleasant start, to be frank! This was because the train was absolutely packed that day for some unkn… read more

View from Mount Tibidabo december blog

Natasha Madhavan - “My trip to Barcelona”

One of the advantages to studying in Ireland is just how close are the other European countries! And since I wasn’t going back home for the holidays, my friends and I decided to visit Barcelona for the vacations! And it was absolutely amazing. I’m not going to be able to recount the whole trip a… read more


Rachel Goh - “Coping with homesickness”

The year 2017 signals the start of my 8th year in Dunedin. Time really flies by, huh? It feels like yesterday when I was this shorthaired little girl wondering what a cheese roll tasted like and not knowing how to get to places. And now here I am, shoulder length hair, inhaling cheese rolls (and eve… read more


Yufei Huo - “Wandering in wonderful Ireland”

 My time in Maynooth University is fleeting, it seems semester 1 comes to an end just overnight. Looking back to these past days, I had lots of good times, also I have many feelings about this experience. Maynooth University actually provides me lots of opportunities, not only in better educati… read more


Annamae Beeler Sax - “Across the Pond - Christmas in London”

No matter how excited I was to spend Christmas by myself in a completely new city, there was no denying I was also really nervous. The friend I would be with left two days before I did, so I traveled to Dublin by myself to catch my plane. Thankfully it’s a short flight from Dublin to London, just … read more

Christmas party at the Biology Department Maynooth University

Felipe Guapo - “5 Nice Things About Spending the Christmas Holidays in Dublin”

When we think about Christmas it is almost impossible to ignore that picture that comes to mind of a big table full of food and surrounded by our relatives. Christmas may be losing its religious nature to some people but it will never lose its familiar touch, the ending of the year is still a date t… read more

flower blognumber4 image2

Jenny Chang - “What I Like About Maynooth As A Uni”

I could not help but notice the differences between my college and Maynooth University the second I stepped onto the campus grounds. Its spaciousness first surprised me. After I became familiar with the area I would constantly visit, I no longer found it a struggle but an enjoyment walking in Mayno… read more

Muhammad-Reefath-Rahman UniSA-Student-Ambassador

Muhammad Reefath Rahman - “How to be a student leader in the Business World”

Since early childhood, I always had a dream to complete my higher education in the field of business from a higher ranked international university and today I am proud of my decision to study at the UniSA Business School.   UniSA Business School Currently, I am in the final semester … read more


Annamae Beeler Sax - “Finding My Own Way”

Christmas has always been my absolute favorite time of year, ever since I was a child, kind of to a frightening degree. I get an almost violent joy from decorating a Christmas tree and baking cookies, and I start playing my favorite Christmas music November first. (Who am I kidding? I listen to that… read more

YufeiHuo 1 -campus

Yufei Huo - “My Start At Maynooth University”

With hope and excitement, I arrived at Maynooth University in September 2016. I am studying for my Masters in Accounting. Ireland is such a beautiful country far away from my hometown in China. So everything here to me is novel and well worth exploring. Ireland’s landscape, its history, its langua… read more

Waterfall under the cloudy winter sky

Felipe Guapo - “Ireland Winter Fun”

Don't let the weather get in your way, you can have fun in Ireland from winter to winter! Another frozen morning If you are in Ireland, you probably noticed that the temperature dropped a few degrees in the last few weeks. To someone like me, that is used to a tropical weather, the cold is not a… read more


Annamae Beeler Sax - “Halfway There: Making the Most of the Time I Have”

I could have sworn it was just yesterday that I stepped off the plane in Dublin, desert brain reeling as I tried to gain my Irish land legs; yet somehow, (I must have blinked) it’s just about December and my first semester is drawing to a close. It’s mind boggling how quickly my year abroad is g… read more


Rachel Tan - “My Writing Group”

A writing group: The ‘health’ enhancement for my PhD stamina Early this year, my colleague, Tracy Rogers, initiated a writing group in our department, Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC). The group is attended by most of the HEDC postgraduate students. I am delighted to be part of this g… read more


Megan Doyle - “Venturing to Vienna”

Austria is known for it’s scenic cities: Innsbruck, Salzburg, Gratz, and Vienna. Vienna is regarded in history for its place in WWI, with large monuments, old buildings that survived the war, and a strong culture.  This city suits international students because of its’ location in Europe, … read more


Megan Doyle - “Scenic Bratislava!”

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, located in between the major cities of Budapest and Vienna. The Slovakian city is known for its picturesque capital but essentially isn’t well known in the vicinity of Eastern Europe. The city is perfect for international students because it is a hidden gem w… read more

Muhammad-Reefath StudyAdelaide2016 Governors Farewell 144

Muhammad Reefath Rahman - “That Winning Feeling”

The feeling of winning the Study Adelaide Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award Hi and welcome to my blog. I would like to start this blog by sharing some good news with you. I am delighted and pleased to announce that, I Muhammad Reefath Rahman am the winner of the “Study Adelaide Entrepreneur… read more


Wolf Keser - “My Road To Green River”

This is my first vlog about my journey from the Netherlands to Green River College and what was involved in getting here. Find out more about the Green River Gap Year Program in Washington below. See what other international students think about studying at Green River College on WhyStudyHer… read more


Natasha Madhavan - “Kayaking on the river Liffey”

So I had yet another boring weekend ahead of me. And I just couldn’t bare the thought of the eventless hours doing something mundane to pass the time away. Thus, I ended up signing up for kayaking with Maynooth University’s International and Erasmus Society and I’m so glad I did! Maynooth … read more


Chelsea Messan - “Introducing Chelsea”

My name is Chelsea and I’m from a country you have probably never heard of before: Gabon! (It’s in central Africa on the west coast). I am 22 years old and have been in the United States for almost 4 years. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science and have two more years … read more


Calu Malta - “São Paulo, Brazil To Bristol, England”

When I found out that I had gotten the grades needed to attend the University of Bristol in mid-July in 2014, I felt a strange mix of excitement and fear. The excitement was there because it had been years of working towards this; I now had an opportunity to experience a completely different culture… read more

Portrane Beach View

Felipe Guapo - “Calling for some countryside adventure”

When you think about going to the beach you might rarely consider a country with moderately cold weather as your ultimate destination. That is probably due to the fact that most times we think about beaches, we are actually thinking about swimming in the sea and sunbathing. Now what else could we d… read more


Annamae Beeler Sax - “An Object In Motion Stays In Motion”

As predicted, my time here in Ireland is flying by. Without realizing it, I’m already approaching my two-month mark, which is simultaneously exhilarating and heart-breaking, if those two feelings can conceivably share a space. My friends and I like to point out little things we’re picking up su… read more


Jenny Chang - “On the Road”

Before coming to Ireland to study, I’ve been on short travels with family and friends but I never went alone. I’ve enjoyed the planned journeys rather than happenings on the roads, uncertainties and adventures; this time last year, I told myself to try backpacking travels, with new friends or by… read more


Rachel Tan - “Volunteering at the Dunedin Craft Beer and Food Festival”

It is here again, the Dunedin Craft Beer and Food Festival is taking place on 12 November 2016. Otago University Student Association (OUSA) has been organising the festival for the local community at the indoor Forsyth Barr Stadium since 2013. I experienced the family-friendly event last year and re… read more

Carolan Lab Team Getting Ready for the BioBlitz2016

Felipe Guapo - “Ireland and I”

September 2016 marks the third anniversary of my first trip to Ireland. Back then, in 2013, I was an undergraduate student that had just been awarded a Science without borders (CAPES) scholarship, to study abroad for 15 months. Ireland was one, in a list of more than 7 countries that I could have c… read more

Playing Cards

Natasha Madhavan - “The Big Gig”

So as we all know, it’s back to school time. Well, University in my case. And what way to celebrate coming back (and maybe repressing the stress of upcoming lectures) than to attend Freshers' week events. While I really am not Fresher myself, it doesn’t stop us second-years from having fun! My … read more


Annamae Beeler Sax - “From the Desert to the Emerald Isle”

Being born and raised in the Sonoran desert has its pros and cons; on one hand, temperatures soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit with ease in the summer and you find yourself hibernating during the afternoon like a snake under a rock. On the other hand, the people of Tucson, Arizona are people who kno… read more


Courtney Windju - “Where are you now? - i-studentglobal Follow-up Blog”

Two years ago I was embarking on one of the most unexpected, yet life-changing journeys of a lifetime – a semester abroad in New Zealand. Surprisingly, of the many things I was uncertain of heading into my University experience, studying abroad was not one of them. Although I did not know where at… read more


Janet Leung - “The Sports-made Sports-mad Nation”

Mid-semester break is over but the first week resuming back to lectures wasn’t turned out to be an exhausting one. The live streaming sports at school’s common had made an energising kick off. They were rugby matches on screens and were definitely easing the Monday blue. I am not quite a sports … read more


Rachel Tan - “A Motivator for My PhD Journey: Attending the Graduation Day”

The Graduation Day at the University of Otago is an eventful day filled with three main events; a brunch, a procession and a ceremony. Although it was not my graduation yet, I was pleased to attend the August Graduation Day with my friends. For me, it was not only to congratulate our friend’s succ… read more

Howth-in-April blognumber2 image2

Jenny Chang - “Friends”

To me, being able to meet so many good friends in my year abroad is the most amazing thing. Just as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, international students community in Maynooth is really like one big family. The only difference is that in this family, the “relatives” all come from differen… read more


Rachel Goh - “What can you expect?”

Read more about the International events at Otago. Jump to: International Food Festival, International Welcoming Night & International Sports Day, International Cultural Carnival & International Gala Night.  My friends describe me in a multitude of ways. Some are nice ad… read more


Janet Leung - “World War S”

S for shivers. S for snowflakes. S for scarves. While every single person is complaining about the humid hot weather in my hometown, I am striving so hard to survive through the chilly winter here. In childhood, when it’s summer time and mom doesn’t let you turn on the air conditioning, I bet ev… read more

Trampoline crew Maynooth University

Felipe Guapo - “Maynooth and the Rio Olympics 2016”

Bounce as high as you can!! Maynooth and the Olympics As everybody knows the summer Olympic Games edition of 2016 is being held in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. The games, which date back from ancient Greece, have become the world’s preeminent sporting competition, counting with the participation … read more


Rachel Tan - “A Tour Around the Oldest University in New Zealand”

Last year, I joined a tour, organised by Lizzy Lukeman from the alumni office, to learn more about the University of Otago. The tour started with a little history of the university, which was the first university in New Zealand. It was founded in 1869 and started with three professors and 81 student… read more

Ireland - My Serendipity

Jenny Chang - “Ireland - My Serendipity”

Two years ago, my pet dog passed away. She was my friend, and coming home to her furry embrace and wagging tail always gave me indescribable joy each day for the past twelve years. Without her company, I grew very sad and lonely, so I tried to pull myself together by taking different part-time jobs … read more

Merrion Square Pride Dublin 2016

Felipe Guapo - “Dublin Pride Parade 2016”

After taking some considerable time to think. I decided to start this week with a post about acceptance. A concept, that is going to be used here, in a very broad definition and that will help me to describe the events that took place a month ago on the 25th of June in Dublin, Ireland. The day star… read more


Natasha Madhavan - “A Weekend With Friends at Carlow”

I had an unexpected trip to Carlow with my friends, as one of them lives there. It also happened to coincide with my 19th birthday! So you can imagine that it was quite a fun weekend and I’m going to tell you all about it in this blog. My weekend at Carlow began with a long drive on the Irish roa… read more