The TOEFL Test

The TOEFL test is one of many available and can be one of the keys to a successful study-abroad experience. It is an accurate indicator of a student’s ability to communicate in an academic environment.

It is widely accepted and has many resources that make taking the test easier. In some countries, the TOEFL programme has scholarships available to help students finance their dream.

Using the latest technology, the TOEFL iBT test is given in an Internet-based format that fully integrates all four language skills measured: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The questions are derived from actual classroom materials. This 100% academic content allows the TOEFL test to give an accurate measure of a student’s ability to communicate in English in a university setting.

TOEFL test scores are accepted by more than 8,500 institutions in 130 countries, including the top 100 universities in the USA, the top 20 universities in Canada, all of the Russell Group universities in the UK and all of the Group of Eight universities in Australia. This vast acceptance allows students to apply to virtually any institution where the medium of instruction is English.

ConvenientThe TOEFL test has more than 4,500 testing centers in 165 countries around the world, reducing travel time and costs for test takers. The entire test is given in one day, so there is no need for a student to come back a second day.

Compared with other English-language tests, the TOEFL test has made practice easier for students. There is a range of free prep materials and official test prep tools with actual questions from prior tests as real-life training - all to give students the most authentic experience possible so they can feel confident and prepared on test day.

Not all resources are just for practice. The TOEFL programme has created materials on the TOEFL Go Anywhere website, available in English, Chinese and Korean, to help students every step of the way. Included in these materials is the new TOEFL Journey programme, a free programme that provides customised information throughout a student’s study-abroad journey, from choosing a school to preparing and registering for the TOEFL test and beyond.

The TOEFL Facebook page allows users to view upcoming events in India and interact with others. Get a step-by-step insight about what happens on a typical testing day, including checking in and taking the test with our TOEFL video “Welcome to the TOEFL iBT Testing Site” . 

Learn about the tools from ETS that can help you prepare for the TOEFL test with the TOEFL Resources Overview for Students video. There is even a TOEFL TV channel on YouTube that includes tips from real teachers and real students to help improve test taker’s English skills. Videos include what leading colleges and universities think about the value of students who can communicate well in English in an academic setting.

ScholarshipThe TOEFL Scholarship programme is designed to reward TOEFL test takers for achieving academic excellence, exhibiting leadership skills, performing extracurricular activities and demonstrating English-communication proficiency. Scholarships are currently being offered in five countries: China, India, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

The TOEFL test, from start to finish, can make the journey to study abroad easier and more enriched. For more information, visit our site at