Studying Abroad? A TOEFL Checklist For International Students

Studying overseas offers students opportunities to experience new cultures, brush up on language skills, and make new friends. It gives students a chance to experience the best of educational opportunities other countries have to offer. And by "leaving the nest" for a foreign education, individuals are being given the chance to mature and grow not just academically, but personally. This is not just a great chance to become an international student, but a truly independent one, as well. And the right school abroad can open doors professionally, especially in the world of business. But despite all the positive aspects of international study, it's not without its challenges. The best way to avoid or lessen the impact of problems is with an overabundance of preparation. 

Admissions Testing

It's important that students and their advisors and families be aware of institution admissions criteria well before applying for acceptance. A proven proficiency in certain languages is required by schools that teach in it before applications are accepted, especially in English. Students can demonstrate this mastery of English to the 9,000 international institutions of higher learning that require it by sharing their TOEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) test scores. This test assesses students' command of the English language by quizzing them on writing, reading, speaking, and problem-solving through a series of questions and assignments.

Training For The TOEFL Test

All English speaking institutions have different scoring and passing requirements for the TOEFL test. And test takers may take the TOEFL as often as they wish to improve test scores. But to understand all institutional requirements, and study and prepare for this test successfully, it's recommended that students take TOEFL preparation and study courses like BestMyTest. Courses like this can help students prepare for the amount of time that they are allotted to take the test and the actual types of questions on it. Such preparatory study has been shown to significantly increase TOEFL scores.

IELTS vs TOEFL - Which is Better?

The TOEFL Is Changing

English speaking institutions and their instructors and students have all frequently expressed that simply passing the TOEFL test does not guarantee mastery of English at a level to say, attend and do well at an English speaking university. So the revamped TOEFL test has a great deal more on analytical thinking and practical use of English.

Checklist for English Success for International Students

So in addition to studying English grammar and vocabulary diligently for that TOEFL test, experts recommend:

  • Thinking internally in English as much as possible 
  • Speaking English as much as possible 
  • Reading books, magazines, and newspapers in English as much as possible
  • Watch English speaking television, listen to music, and play games in English as much as possible 

Studying Abroad A Checklist For International Students

Studying abroad at English speaking schools gives students great advantages in business and other professions, and helps open doors to a larger world. And by thinking now of checklists to prepare, conventional and otherwise to help them get there, that overseas education won't just be rewarding and challenging, but much more enjoyable.

Article contributed by Meghan Belnap.