Australia: Study English in Australia


Australia is a great place to study. It is a safe country, the teachers and the courses are excellent and the Australian government has set up systems to protect international students and make sure they have a positive experience while they are studying. 

Australia has a vibrant, multicultural society where you can study English at a high quality English language college and practise English as an international language every day. Australia is a major centre of business and commerce in the Asia Pacific region and it is a country of migrants.

You can meet and make friends with people from all over the world, people who may become future colleagues or contacts. 

In Australia, English for international students is called ‘ELICOS’ - English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students - and there are courses to help you achieve your goals and dreams, whatever they are.

You can:

  • Study English to prepare for a course at a university, vocational college or high school
  • Prepare for an exam, such as IELTS or the Cambridge exams
  • Learn business English to help you communicate with people from different language backgrounds
  • Study English for aviation, conversation, nursing or surfing

In Australia almost everyone speaks English and a favourite saying is 'no worries!'