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10 Good Vocab Habits for Passing IELTS

The amount of vocabulary you need to take the IELTS can seem like an impossible mountain to climb but if you follow these guidelines you’ll prepare yourself well and get the grades you need.


“Become a Word Collector”

Become a Word Collector

All good English teachers will insist that you speak only English in classes and you should do your best to take this outside of the classroom.  It’s always tempting to read and speak your native language but try and resist. 


“... read newspapers, magazines or books ...”




A Dictionary is not just about Definitions

There’s more than definitions in dictionaries.  You can also see which word form the word fits into, its pronunciation and how to use it.  The phonemic chart might look like an ancient language to you but using an interactive chart will help you with the sounds


“There’s more than definitions ...”

Organising your vocabulary

There are many ways you can organise your collection of new words and most people have their own method of doing it.  Many will just write down the word, the translation and definition.   Why not take it to another level and also:

Topic Vocabulary

The IELTS Speaking Test will ask you to speak about a topic for two minutes.  The topics are varied and you won’t know which one you will be tested on. 



Get into these habits and you will find that your collection of vocabulary will increase rapidly.  Good luck!

Written by Gill Balfour, Editor and Counsellor Liaison

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