10 Good Vocab Habits for Passing IELTS


The amount of vocabulary you need to take the IELTS can seem like an impossible mountain to climb but if you follow these guidelines you’ll prepare yourself well and get the grades you need.


“Become a Word Collector”

Become a Word Collector

All good English teachers will insist that you speak only English in classes and you should do your best to take this outside of the classroom.  It’s always tempting to read and speak your native language but try and resist. 

  • It really doesn’t matter whether you read newspapers, magazines or books but it does matter that you read them in English.  You may not understand every single word but see that as an opportunity to collect new words.  The BBC have a great website for English learners http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish which includes a  ‘Word of the Day’ and a section on ‘Words in the News’ where you can listen to and read current news reports.


“... read newspapers, magazines or books ...”


  • Do you always carry a notebook?  If not why not start.  You don’t have to stop reading to look up a word but you can quickly write it down and look it up later.  Once you’ve got the definition look at it in context. Again try to use an English to English dictionary alongside your translation dictionary.  Translations can sometimes be inaccurate.  If you prefer to use technology use your mobile or tablet to record new words and study them when you get home.