Canada: Your language destination



Languages Canada represents over 170 English and French language member programmes from the public and private sectors. The association’s vision is to be internationally recognised as the symbol of excellence, representing Canada as the premier study destination for quality English and French language training.

In order for a language programme to be recognised as a Languages Canada member, it must meet stringent quality assurance standards to ensure that students receive excellent language instruction and services in a well-run facility.

Rigorous standards apply equally to all members - big or small, public or private. This means that students can be confident in their choice to study in Canada and can expect a first rate experience, regardless of which Languages Canada school they choose. Students agree that enrolling at an LC member programme means good educational value for their money.  

Recent surveys reveal great diversity among the many students who choose Canada for studies in English or French. Currently, Canada hosts students from Asia, Latin America and Europe, as well as from the Middle East.

The reasons foreign students choose Canada over other destinations are significant. A large percentage of students surveyed feel that Canada is a ‘safe country’ which offers a ‘quality of life’ that appeals to them because of its ‘beautiful nature’. Other important considerations include ‘quality programmes’ that provide ‘value for money’.  

Many Languages Canada member programmes are affiliated with or housed in some of the finest colleges and universities in Canada. This allows for a variety of educational pursuits ranging from informal language training to intensive research and postgraduate options. For this reason, students in Canadian language programmes tend to be very well educated, with several years of post-secondary education, and/or professional employment experience from their country of origin.

Most international students, that come to Canada appear to be extremely motivated and career-oriented, and are looking to upgrade their language skills to advance their education or increase their employment opportunities. 

Whether students decide to study English or French on Canada’s East Coast, West Coast or anywhere in between, Languages Canada member programmes are available across the country. With each province offering a unique Canadian learning experience, it is no surprise that people from all over the world choose Canada as their number one study destination.

Provided by Languages Canada