6 tips to help you pass the IELTS Reading Paper with flying colours


5. Use synonyms

Locating parallel words in the text and the questions is really important.  Make sure you build a great collection of synonyms during your studies.  Finding the synonyms every time you learn a new word will grow your vocabulary and prepare you well for the reading paper.


“… grow your vocabulary..”

6. True, False or Not Given?

The ‘Not Given’ option makes these questions difficult for most students.  Turning the statement into a question will help you decide if the text answers the question, contradicts it or doesn’t actually give any information relating to the question.  If the statement contains proper nouns, like the names of people or place names, this will help you pinpoint the relevant part of the text more easily.

Use these tips to help you get the best possible marks for the Reading Paper. Good luck!

Written by Gill Balfour, Editor and Counsellor Liaison