English is a truly global language. It is an official language in over 75 countries with a total population of over 2 billion. Learning English can open up a world of opportunities for your further education and your career.

Learning English


“What Score Do I Need To Get For The TOEFL?”

What is TOEFL? The test of English as a foreign language — perhaps better known by its acronym: TOEFL — is a vital application component for any international students who desire to study in the United States.  It is an exam that most universities in the United States require of… read more

Why Study Cambridge Advanced English?

“Why Study Cambridge Advanced English?”

With the choice of learning English as a second language as a key one, particularly if you are looking to study or work abroad, it can be hard to choose between IELTS, TOEFL and CAE (Cambridge Advanced English). Here are five reasons to consider CAE if you are considering studying abroad. Almost … read more

TOEFL Practice Paper

“TOEFL Practice Paper”

If you are learning english as a second language and are currently preparing for your TOEFL exam, we've found a great resource for you to try a half-sized TOEFL practice paper free of charge. The team at MAGOOSH have put together a half-length TOEFL exam which you can take in the comfort of your ow… read more

A New TOEFL eBook to Help you Prepare!

“A New TOEFL eBook to Help you Prepare!”

Feeling overwhelmed by the TOEFL test? Don’t know where to start? Or have you taken the test 5 times before and just need a quick refresher before you take it for (hopefully!) the last time? “Feeling overwhelmed …” Either way, it can be tough to find quality resources that provide everyt… read more

What you need to know about TOEFL Speaking

“What you need to know about TOEFL Speaking”

There’s a lot to be tense about when it comes to the TOEFL speaking section--you’ll need to show your comfort level with the English language while speaking clearly into a microphone while surrounded by other test-takers who are also speaking into their microphones, and all of this done under a … read more

10 Good Vocab Habits for Passing IELTS

“10 Good Vocab Habits for Passing IELTS”

The amount of vocabulary you need to take the IELTS can seem like an impossible mountain to climb but if you follow these guidelines you’ll prepare yourself well and get the grades you need. “Become a Word Collector” Become a Word Collector All good English teachers will insist that you s… read more

English Language Assessment

“English Language Assessment”

Infographic shows steep rise in Cambridge English recognition Cambridge English Language Assessment has produced a new infographic, which shows how a record number of organisations are now using the Cambridge English exams as proof of English language ability. Figures show that 15,000 org… read more

6 tips to help you pass the IELTS Reading Paper with flying colours

“6 tips to help you pass the IELTS Reading Paper with flying colours”

It can be a daunting experience when you first look at an IELTS Reading Paper; there is so much text to read and the (at times) very technical vocabulary and jargon that can be involved could cause a panic attack. It might seem to be a mountain to climb to study and retain the amount of vocabulary y… read more

A guide to UK colloquialisms for non-native speakers

“A guide to UK colloquialisms for non-native speakers”

International students arriving in the UK for the first time will encounter some English phrases they haven’t heard before. Here are just a few of them. One of the biggest worries for non-native English speakers coming to the UK is the potential for the language barrier to get in the way. Even f… read more

7 Great ESL websites for English learners

“7 Great ESL websites for English learners”

We’ve done the surfing for you! Whether you’ve passed your IELTS or TOEFL with great marks or are studying for them these websites will help you.  Improving or learning is always more productive if you don’t need to spend hours surfing to find the best websites.  The BBC offers man… read more