Interview with Dr Richard Joiner (Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bath)


i-studentglobal spoke to Dr Richard Joiner, a senior lecturer of psychology at the University of Bath, about educational psychology and the uses of digital technology in learning.

What is educational psychology and why is it an important area of study?

Educational psychology is the application of psychology in supporting education in a wide range of contexts (formal and informal), ages (infants to the elderly) and populations (mainstream and special populations).

Where does the use of digital technology in learning fit into the psychology syllabus?

Digital technology is becoming more and more part of psychology as digital technology becomes more and more integral to everyday life. Cyberpsychology is a field of psychology which explicitly explores how digital technology impacts on how people think and behave. Artificial intelligence is a discipline which is exploring the creation of artificial minds. Finally, psychology is using big data to explore interesting psychological questions.

How did you decide on your specialisms?

I read a book by Seymour Papert called Mindstorms and it inspired me to develop technology to support children's learning.

Why do you like best about working in your particular fields of psychology?

The part I enjoy the most is carrying out research and finding out new things.