Interview with a Vet Science Alumni - Carla Kelly

We spoke to a Stevenage-native Carla Kelly, who studied Vet Science and worked at a vet as part of her course. She studied at Plumpton College, validated by the University of Brighton.

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Did you always want to work in vet science?

Yes I've always had an interest in working with animals, since I was around 6 years old.

Has your course benefitted you in achieving a particular job in the vet science field?

My course at Plumpton College is a vocational one. I am a vet nurse now and that is the job that the course was working towards - I can look at specialising now that I have finished.

What university did you attend, and how do you feel about it?

I attended Plumpton College under the University of Brighton. It was very isolated and did its own thing but it had friendly people and was very natural. The college is located in the middle of the countryside and has a lot of other vocational courses such as Sheep Shearing, Cheese Making, Blacksmithing and a Wine Business BA (Hons).

What was your favourite module during your course, and why?

'Anaesthesia' was my favourite module because we went into so much depth and it would help me at work as I do it every day. I also enjoyed digital imaging as I take a lot of x-rays at my practice and it's something that I want to specialise in.

What are the best and worst things about working at a vet practice?

The best thing is that there is always something new and interesting coming through the door and always things to learn. The worst is that it can be tiring like most jobs - you're always on your feet (don't know if I can actually say tick removal because ew but that's very specific).

Where would you like to see yourself professionally ain the next 3 years?

At a busy practice like I am now - possibly a hospital practice (not referral but who knows).

As an alumni, what would you advise students to do differently?

There is nothing I would have done differently. But I advise students to not pick this course or career because it's something you think you want to do. Make sure you're dedicated and will work hard to qualify! You can't do this course half-hearted! I enjoyed my 3 years studying because I was interested in what I was learning and was passionate to become an RVN. I would do the 3 years again and wouldn't regret it.

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If you are interested in hearing more about Carla’s experience you can contact her here.


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