An Interview with Hang Yu Zhou, Qi Zhong and Xuelei Li, University of Roehampton


Last Friday I visited Roehampton University to speak with some of the current international students. Amongst them were 3 Chinese dance students, Hang yu Zhou, Qi Zhong and Xuelei Li, who were all studying their MAs at Roehampton University.

What were your main worries before coming to university in the UK?

Qi: The language, definitely. We had all previously attended a dance college and so did not have to study English. I had only studied English for about 1 year before coming to the UK. Roehampton put me on a 3-month Precision English course over the summer to help prepare me for the course. This is where I met Hang yu and Xuelei.

What is the main difference between studying in the UK and in China.

Qi: There is a lot of difference in the attitudes to teaching.

Xuelei: In China the teachers have their way of doing things that you have to learn. In the UK the teachers are much more accepting of different ways of doing things.

Were your parents supportive of you studying in the UK?

Hang yu: Yes they were very supportive.

Qi: The UK is seen as a safe place to study, particularly as a female traveling on their own. It is seen as much safer than the US.

Xuelei: Roehampton is seen as the number 1 place in the UK to study dance, so my parents were pleased for me to come here.

What made you choose the UK to continue your studies?

Qi: The dance we studied in China was very eastern. We wanted to study more about Western dance.

Hang yu: I wanted to broaden my horizons.

Xuelei: I wanted to learn more about ballet, in particular ballet history.

hang yu zhou, qi zhong and xuelei li - university of roehampton

Hang yu Zhou, Xuelei Li and Qi Zhong - 3 MA Dance Students at University of Roehampton