An Interview with Charlotte Gallina Breese, University of Chichester


Last week I visited University of Chichester to have a chat with some of their international students about their student experiences so far. Here is an interview with one of the students, Charlotte Gallina Breese who is studying Primary Teaching with a specialism in Languages. Charlotte is from Belgium and is in the 2nd year of studies.

univeristy of chichester - charlotte gallina breese

Charlotte (pictured right) with her best friend Alisha

So Charlotte, what was your main worry about studying abroad in the UK?

My main worry was the money side of things. In Belgium teaching isn't taught as a degree, it's taught as a college course with fees around €300 a year! There was also no accomodation loan or bursary from the Belgian government for studying in the UK, which most home students receive when studying in the UK. But I decided to come to the UK to study as I believe that universities in the UK are better and that it offers greater job prospects after graduating. 

What would you say is the main difference between studying in the UK and in your home country?

The university experience in the UK is a lot more accommodating. The campus has a great security which makes me feel safe and there is a real sense of community. In Belgium there are classes of hundreds and teachers don’t even know your name. Over here you know your teachers on a first name basis and they are a lot more supportive. You'll often see your teachers in the town shopping and it's all very friendly. There's also a wide range of accomodation to suit all preferences in the UK, with shared and en-suite, catered and non-catered options available.

Were your parents supportive of your decision to study in the UK?

My mum is English so she was naturally supportive of me going to the UK to study but my dad, who is Italian, had his doubts until he visited last year. He is fully supportive as well now he has seen Chichester and feels like it is a safe place to study.

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