An Interview With a Nursing Student - Amelia Puncher


We spoke to UK-based nursing student Amelia Puncher about her time spent at university and how her nursing degree has benefitted her upon graduating.


Have you always wanted to pursue a career in nursing?

I found that in college I had an interest in the medical profession, and I found nursing suited me best as it involved interaction with people 24/7. What also made me look to nursing was a relative that was unwell at the time, and watching him being looked after, which inspired me to go into the healthcare setting. 

Did you feel that your degree helped you enter the working world in a positive way?

Yes, I feel going to university gave me the confidence that I wouldn't have had if I came from college, as well as the academic learning. The university degree is 50% practical; so before I qualified I had spent 2,500 hours working in a hospital, doing the regular shifts as a nurse would, so this wasn't too much of a shock to the system when I started work after graduating.

What university did you attend, and what did you like about it?

I went to University of Brighton, and it was the city that really sold me on the university. I made loads of friends and had a great time with them.

What did you learn about yourself at university?

I learnt many good and bad things, including that I'm a lot more resilient than I thought. It was hard for me, but I am a perfectionist.

Did you have a favourite module at university?

My favourite module at university was anatomy and physiology.

Best and worst things about being a nurse