6 Differences Between UK and USA

We spoke to Tom Bathrick, an English and Creative Writing mature student from CA, San Francisco about the differences between the UK and America that he had noticed so far. Here's what he came up with!

1. Philosophy

"The students are really engaged with their environment. Everybody over here talks about ethics, politics and philosophy. In the US, most people think it’s too bleak so they don’t discuss it." 

2. Attitude

"People seem to have an attitude based around having a good time – they seem cheery. You can ask a stranger for advice and they are very welcoming."

3. Education Costs

"Education can work out cheaper in the UK. With the travel costs, tuition fees and living costs factored in, it still works out less to study in the UK than the USA. Some colleges in the USA charge $80,000 a year!"


Tom Bathrick, University of Chichester

4. History

"The country has a lot more history. I really like that you can just walk around the City and see some really old structures; there's a wall in town that was built by the Romans over 1700 years ago! In America a building is labelled as really old if it's been around for over 100 years."

5. Alcohol Laws

"The laws on alcohol are a lot laxer than in America. I think there is something magical about being able to have a drink with your parents from a young age. It leads to a healthier philosophical understanding of one another and the world in general as opposed to the mentality that arises from having to loiter in front of liquor stores to find a magnanimous stranger and then having to hide your activities from your parents like in the US."

6. Drinking Culture

"UK Students drink more that I thought possible and they don't care what they drink. You'll go out and ask somebody what they're drinking and they'll say 'I don't know but it's cheap!'. You can really see that the emphasis is on having a good time."

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