International Internships

Here at i-studentglobal, we have compiled a list of international internships that will make any student flutter. We’ve listed the companies with links in order of location: USA, EUROPE, and WORLDWIDE.

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1. Duolingo - A company that specialises in the creation of apps that help users to learn a new language.

2. Pana - A travel company in Denver that has created a new app. 

3. Interns2Startups - This company hires interns as well as lists many companies to intern for across the USA. 

4. Student Universe - This travel company that specialises in student discounts for travel.

5. Air Bnb - This new company allows people to let out homes while away. 



1. Europe Language Jobs - This website compiles lists of jobs that involve teaching or learning new languages.

2. GoOverseas - This company is a resource for students who choose to study abroad. The've listed here a multitude of intern opportunities around Europe. 


1. HostelWorld - This multi-national company has offices around that world that help travellers stay in hostels.

2. - This company specialises in setting up students with housing and accommodation for language classes.

3. Uber - This transport company has revolutionised how customers take taxis per se.

4. Glassdoor - This testimonial company shows the reviews that previous workers give current companies. 

5. Symplicity - A consultancy firm that has ranked highly in employee satisfaction in the recent years. 

6. Kalu Yala - This eco-sustainability company is building incredible living spaces in a scenic valley. 

7. MindValley - This company specialises in mindfulness and well-being. 


If you know of any international internships that would interest any students, email us at [email protected]