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The HSK: all you need to know

“The HSK: all you need to know”

Students looking to move to study in China might want to consider picking up the language as well. Of course, this isn’t mandatory, but grasping the country’s language will definitely help you get around much easier. Knowing the language gives you complete access to the nation’s culture and so… read more


“South Africa, an attractive study-destination”

France and the UK showed the world, for numerous times, that they are well-versed in attracting international students coming from Africa. However, there is another influential partner that appeals to these young students more and more: South Africa. > Over the past few years, South Africa has … read more


“And the Oscar goes to... Montreal”

OK. It looks like you have made up your mind already. You will, after all, travel overseas to continue your studies. You kind of know which field you want to tackle, and everybody is rooting for you. But there’s one little thing you still need to tick off your list. Which city should you go to? S… read more


“Millennials, what’s driving you to study abroad?”

Despite what its name suggests, study abroad is not just an opportunity to improve the mind and specialise yourself in a certain field. Studying abroad is, over and above, the chance to assimilate new self-lives and take in new cultural experiences. In 2016, AFS Intercultural Programs, an internati… read more

Student in Ireland, for St. Patrick's Day?

“Student in Ireland, for St. Patrick's Day?”

There might be times when, in Ireland, you’ll find yourself slightly bored, scrolling up and down your phone, swiping left and right, watching videos with cats meowing on rhythms of rap. But not on St. Patrick’s day, no. On this 2017 St. Patrick’s Day, you have no reason not to hit the road a… read more


“Applying to study in Canada?”

For international students, studying in Canada doesn't just mean studying in a foreign country, but in one of the most well-developed countries in the world, a place that attracts a lot of foreign students every year. The concept of internationalisation is enjoying its peak time for a good time now … read more


“Community colleges: think global”

International students seldom think of going to study at a community college. And that’s because there is this (sometimes) wrong misconception that community colleges don’t have a proper vision put in place for internationalisation. With this booming marketplace though, this will soon cease to b… read more


“Best student-abroad programs to try during college”

Study abroad programs were once considered a luxury for many college students. Today, they a staple in creating a rich and diverse college experience. Although it is recommended to study abroad for any student interested in getting a master’s degree in international relations, diplomacy, or foreig… read more

Europe: cultural differences you might bump into

“Europe: cultural differences you might bump into”

People around the world have different cultures that make them unique. When travelling to a far-off country, it is wise to acquaint oneself with its people’s way of life to avoid unpleasant surprises. This helps the visitor to adjust their expectations and know how to react when presente… read more

IT degrees for tech wunderkinds

“IT degrees for tech wunderkinds”

Oh yes, we are living in a technological age. Today, more than ever. Tomorrow - even more. Jobs change according to what technology dictates. Careers get more ramifications depending on new inventions. Some become easier, others - obsolete, and new professions come into being. So how do we adapt to … read more


“Handwriting or typing?”

In today’s continuous digital boom, it’s hard to imagine a situation when students choose to turn a blind eye to computers. However unbelievable this may seem, research shows that university students tend to memorise information easier if they take their own notes... using just pen and paper. A… read more


“International students love Australia”

For the fourth consecutive year, Australian universities and higher education institutions have had the same number of international students who completed their studies. A recent report undertaken by the Department of Education and Training Australia shows that 70.8% international students enrolled… read more


“Freebies to watch for on campus”

When you're an international student, finding freebies wherever you can is essential. Knowing where you can save money will prove to be a great boon to your independent life. So, check out the list below for some things you may not have known are free for university students! Gym Colleges hav… read more


“Fancy having your own business after school?”

The United States is a hotbed for private enterprise. America’s unique commitment to economic freedom has made the country attractive to entrepreneurial-minded young people who believe they can make a difference. Many students from around the world choose the US as the host and incubator for their… read more

Make your move to the dorms smoother

“Make your move to the dorms smoother”

The big day is finally here: you're moving into a dorm and away from your parents. It can be an emotional experience, but if you're prepared, it can be smooth and straightforward. Here are some tips for navigating the move in. Ship Your Car If you're going to school out-of-state or even on the opp… read more

 Top 5 most heroic jobs in America

“Top 5 most heroic jobs in America”

When you love what you do, working harder is not a problem. In America, for example, the wide expanse of natural resources and industries offers people loads of job opportunities. But some jobs will demand more than others. Some titles have a footnote hidden inside them, an invisible footnote saying… read more

Job outlooks in engineering: what to expect

“Job outlooks in engineering: what to expect”

When you’re set on getting the right engineering degree, aiming high is never out of the question. Aerospace, Biomedical, Industrial, Material or Mechanical – regardless of the title you’re going for, it’s mandatory to know the requirements you need to tick off to get the dream job, the… read more

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“IELTS vs TOEFL: Which is better?”

If you are applying to university or college in an English-speaking country and English is not your first language, your institution may require you to take a standardised test to prove your English language proficiency. And this will bring up the big question: should you take the IELTS or TOEFL exa… read more

Structural Engineering: the job where you build up your dreams

“Structural Engineering: the job where you build up your dreams”

Structural engineering is attracting more and more attention from ambitious students out there. And no wonder. It is one of those industries that allows you to get a real sense of achievement as soon as your project is finished. Being a structural engineer, you see your dream properly built up. Bric… read more


“4 Housing Trends for Millennial Students”

Let’s face it – the world today belongs to Millennials and no matter how difficult it is to process, this time belongs to them and everything is made by their measure. According to certain studies, Millennials make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases, which is estimated to be over a trill… read more

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“Freelance Web Developer Interview”

i-studentglobal caught up with Sussex University graduate Sam, a web developer from Reading who is currently working freelance in Shanghai, China. Find out more about how he got into web development, his first job in London and what life is like working freelance in Shanghai. 1. When did you first … read more

Fees & Costs

“Fees & Costs”

Ireland International Tuition Fees Guide 2017 International students studying in Ireland will be required to pay either EU or non-EU fees. This can be determined by both residence as well as nationality, so non-EU nationals may qualify for the EU rate in some circumstances. Some EU students may als… read more


“100 PhD Studentships at Northumbria University”

Northumbria University, Newcastle is located in the north-east of the UK and was listed in the Times Higher Education (THE) UK top 50 for research power, based on the Research Excellence Framework (REF).  As part of their ongoing commitment to research excellence, Northumbria University i… read more


“The Cost of Studying in Canada”

For many international students, cost is a major factor when deciding where they wish to study abroad. Other key influencers when choosing a specific college or university to attend are safety, geographical location, the size of the institution, quality of teaching, the number of internati… read more

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“What To Do On College Visits?”

No college search is complete without college visits. You'll get to know a college best by visiting it. Touring different campuses will also give you a chance to see if you prefer a small campus or a big one, a city school to a rural one, etc. Also, seeing the area around a college can make a big di… read more

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“Explore Canada for FREE in 2017”

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. As a special treat to anybody visiting Canada in 2017, you can now apply for a FREE 2017 Discovery Pass which grants holders unlimited free entry to Canada's National Parks, Historic Sites and Marine Conservation Areas for the whole of… read more

How Long Does It Take?

“How Long Does It Take?”

If you're looking to work in the medical profession, you will no doubt be aware that this is not something that can happen overnight. Every role in healthcare, from nurses to consultants and everybody in between, needs to be highly trained to perform their job to the best of their ability, as often … read more


“10 Most Popular College Majors in USA”

The USA has always been a top choice destination for study abroad students from around the world. With the number of international students in America being recorded as over 1 million for the first time in the 2015/2016 academic year, we look at what the most popular majors are for international stu… read more

Australian Study & Careers In Medicine

“Australian Study & Careers In Medicine”

The Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) shares their advice when it comes to choosing a medical school and future career. Congratulations on considering a career in medicine! It is certainly a career path full of excitement that will offer endless opportunities for you, not just in Aust… read more

Arriving in Australia

“Arriving in Australia”

Once you have applied to study in Australia and your visa has been approved, there is one vital thing left to do: get there! Australia has a total for 43 universities located across the country (see the full list), with most of the popular student cities located along the east and south-east co… read more

5 Ways School Projects Can Help Foster Leadership

“5 Ways School Projects Can Help Foster Leadership”

In a world of tests, quizzes, essays and homework assignments, school projects can be the most difficult of them all. The good news is that you're working hard for a reason. Apart from the rest of school work, that often seems just like busy-work, projects have the capability to help develop some of… read more


“Felix Scholarship 2017”

If you are looking to study abroad for a postgraduate degree in the UK but are worried about the finances, the Felix Scholarship might be the way to make it happen. There are a number of Felix Scholarships available for the 2017/2018 entry at three UK universities: University of Oxford, School of Or… read more

Latest International Student News From Canada

“Latest International Student News From Canada”

2016 has been an interesting year for international student recruitment in Canada. With significant global events, namely the UK's departure from the European Union and the recent US Presidential Election result, the future is looking promising for Canadian higher education institutions, with many p… read more


“Finding A White Christmas in Europe 2016”

For many international students coming from countries with a hotter climate, snow might be a completely new experience. Students from South America, Africa, Australasia and parts of Asia who are studying abroad in the Northern Hemisphere may encounter snow for the first time this year. In the USA, m… read more

International Student Guide To Birmingham 2017

“International Student Guide To Birmingham 2017”

Birmingham is a thriving and diverse city located in the West Midlands, near to the centre of the UK. With its central position, students living in Birmingham have easy access to many of the UK's big cities via train and coach, including London, Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester, Cardiff and Oxford t… read more

5 Tips For Finishing School From Home

“5 Tips For Finishing School From Home”

There is absolutely nothing better than earning your degree and knowing that you are now on your way to having a fulfilling career in the field of your choice. A degree can really open up a lot of great opportunities for you in the workplace. However, getting your degree can sometimes pose challenge… read more


“Get Your Study Buddies: Making Group Study Work”

Studying alone can be at times challenging. In fact, people get bored or do not grasp some concepts properly. Often students require the support of other students to boost their morale whilst studying and to help one another in understanding different concepts. In any case, one’s understanding of … read more

Why Canada?

“Why Canada?”

5 Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Canada Natural beauty From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the second largest country in the world is blessed with truly breathtaking scenery, much of which is endowed with UNESCO World Heritage status. From the rugged beauty of the Niagara Falls to the glacial splend… read more

6 Best Places to Study Abroad in Europe 2017

“6 Best Places to Study Abroad in Europe 2017”

There are a number of reasons that students choose to study abroad, whether that be over the summer, for a semester, year or even the full duration of a degree. From wanting to improve your language skills in a new country to experiencing a different climate and culture, there are lots of great… read more


“Student Accommodation Tips: A Survival Guide”

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. You pack your life in suitcases and embark on the journey to the new horizons. However, many students struggle to settle in foreign countries. Securing the right student accommodation alone can be a daunting task. On the brighter note, there are many ot… read more


“How to Find Student Accommodation in the USA”

College students often find themselves in a dilemma when choosing student accommodation. Many of them cannot decide whether to live outside the school and face the big bad world living in a student house or live in the student dorms. While living on campus keeps you close to the school, a life off-c… read more

Study in the UK Bellerbys-Oxford-students

“5 Reasons to Study in the UK”

The UK is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Its academic reputation speaks for itself: three of the country’s universities (The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, and Imperial College, London) made the top ten of Times Higher Education’s World University Ra… read more

Studying Medicine In New Zealand

“Studying Medicine In New Zealand”

New Zealand offers a choice of two top-quality medical schools and countless opportunities for experience and further study. New Zealand is a country in the South Pacific, of approximately 4.4 million people, renowned for its natural landscape and beauty. As a medical professional working in New Ze… read more

IELTS Fees Around The World

“IELTS Fees Around The World”

The fees for taking the IELTS vary from country to country. We have compiled the below list detailing the cost of taking the IELTS exam in a number of popular origin countries for study abroad students. The information has been taken from the IELTS website pages and may need updating from time to t… read more