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“10 tips for improving your English language skills”

International students come to study in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and other English speaking countries with vastly different levels of English proficiency. Some speak English perfectly because they come from English speaking countries, have been educated in English in their home country, or attende… read more


“How high school coaches help students achieve high grades”

While it's a good idea to encourage high school students to enjoy those years, it's also really important to make sure they know they need to take their grades seriously. The grades a high school student receives will directly impact the quality of the school they're able to get into. Besides, ther… read more

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“5 things you need to know when moving to college”

Packing and moving to college is always stressful, especially if you’re moving to another country. If you don’t know where to start with your preparation, here’s a little guide that will make things much easier. Have a look and take notes. Apply for a passport and visa To travel and study … read more


“How to pass your nursing courses with flying colours”

Nursing school comes with lots of hurdles; from mastering the content to perfecting the practical sessions. All this can get easier with a little more planning, time management, and concentration. Below are a few tips that can help you handle the exams and succeed in your nursing course overall. At… read more

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“What to consider before a GRE retake, part I”

If you're thinking about retaking the GRE (The Graduate Record Examinations), even if you haven't yet taken it for the first time, that's fantastic. Really: even ETS, the test-maker, admits that most test-takers will find that they get a higher score by taking the exam twice. This is most likely in… read more


“4 reasons a healthcare degree can lead to a stable career”

Choosing a path to take as a new uni student can be an overwhelming experience. There are several factors to think about, including the amount of money you will make, the amount of time it will take to achieve your degree, and how much you will enjoy the associated career. An important thing to cons… read more


“Should international students take the ACT?”

Just as with American students, there's no clear-cut yes-or-no answer. If you're applying to college in the United States, you will almost certainly have to take one of the big two college admissions tests, the SAT or the ACT (American College Testing). Most schools in the United States ac… read more

Jump-start your education with an Associate Degree

“Jump-start your education with an Associate Degree”

Reaching for higher education is a big decision since it can take a few years to meet your goals, and you will have to make a considerable investment. It's OK if you are struggling to make a decision, but that does not mean you should sit idle for long. You can start by getting your associ… read more


“Moving on a limited budget?”

Unless you have decided to let go of all your possessions and to start over somewhere else with your new ascetic life, moving can easily turn into an agonising process that will drain your energy and wallet. On the other hand, if you plan to continue your existence as a creature of this millennium,… read more


“Save the date: national holidays 2018”

Uni life shouldn’t be shaped only after exams and semester dates, but after those national holidays that we all cherish so much. No matter where you plan to study, save these dates on your calendar and start making plans for 2018. National holidays USA In America, you usually have 10 annual fe… read more


“TOEFL & IELTS score requirements around the world”

Ready to get the show on the road? To encounter new cultures, experience brand-new feelings, taste foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce yet? Let’s get you ready then. If your course will be in English, it is very likely that you’ll need to pull off a good TOEFL or IELTS score, depending … read more


“The best study-life balance”

Attending college classes online gives you a lot of flexibility. You get to set your schedule, go to school on-the-move, and complete assignments on your own. However, it can also be difficult to balance education with your life and other responsibilities. Luckily, there are a number of things you c… read more

How to Begin Networking While in College

“How to Begin Networking While in College”

Networking can be an intimidating word, but it doesn't have to be. Networking is just about connecting, which is something we do daily, sometimes without even realising it. As a college student, it's crucial you begin networking as early as possible because your network could eventually be responsib… read more


“Staying put or returning home?”

Deciding to go one-on-one with the world is never easy. For young students taking up international studies, this move involved a lot of planning ahead. When they go to study in a foreign country, they study with the dream job in mind. But let’s see what do the number say about international stude… read more


“Passionate About Health?”

Healthcare is a booming industry that continues to offer employment opportunities for individuals, particularly those with degrees. If working in the medical field appeals to you but you don’t want to attend college for eight or more years, here are four degrees you may want to consider. Nursing … read more

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“Student Spectacular: How to Succeed in Studying”

Whether you are attending a community college, a 4-year university, or pursuing your degree online, you want to make the most of your education. You are only studying for a few years, and then it’s time to take what you have learned and head into the workforce. What you accomplish in this short ti… read more

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“5 amazing career opportunities for international students”

International students looking for jobs after graduation face even more challenges than their native peers, with visa requirements and language barrier issues to consider. That doesn't mean that finding a solid and rewarding career is impossible, especially in fields international students are parti… read more


“The skinny on scholarships for trade schools”

At a time when some job opportunities are shrinking, no career paths present greater opportunities and growth than the skilled trades. Demand for tradesmen and tradeswomen is booming: nations like Japan and the United Kingdom have as little as around 20% of their secondary-education students enrolle… read more


“Good skills up your sleeve?”

Many people believe that today's workplace is a solitary, sombre venue where employees interact primarily with electronic devices. However, opportunities still exist for those who'd rather work mostly with people than with things. Those seeking career options applicable to their outgoing, sociable n… read more

The environmental impact of international students, PART I

“The environmental impact of international students, PART I”

With more than 25 years of experience in economic development, cross-cultural communications, international education and social innovation spanning 60 countries, Ailsa Lamont has kindly agreed to sit down with our team at istudentglobal and tell us more about the environmental impact… read more


“Adventurous student? Alternative career options for you”

If you like to wander off the beaten path, you may be looking for a career that is more adventurous than a lifetime of sitting in office cubicles. New advancements in technology, science, education, and the environment are making it possible to pursue a career that can take you to exotic locales or … read more


“How to make better business connections after graduation”

In the business world, developing great relationships with professionals in your field as well as in affiliated fields is essential. These connections can be used for everything from getting great deals on products and services to providing you with helpful advice and more. If you have recently gra… read more

Studying overseas: dream or nightmare?

“Studying overseas: dream or nightmare?”

Before heading to the airport, make sure that you know what you're getting yourself into. Studying overseas is a life-changing moment not just for you, but for your parents as well. Wolfgang Wolf has his own views on studying overseas. And you'd better listen to his advice. He knows a thing or … read more

Formula Student: put pedal to metal

“Formula Student: put pedal to metal”

One of the most exciting engineering competitions for international students, Formula Student UK prepares young people for the thrilling career they're about to plunge into: the automotive industry. Held annually in the UK at Silverstone Circuit, the competition tests project management, design, aer… read more

5 Reasons to get a Master's Degree

“5 Reasons to get a Master's Degree”

Earning your bachelor’s degree is quite an achievement. Perhaps now you want to take your studies even further. Or you’ve spent a few years in the workforce and want to advance in your company. Maybe you just want to increase your paycheck. All these are obvious reasons for returning to school f… read more

Top 5 majors perfect for a job in foreign markets

“Top 5 majors perfect for a job in foreign markets”

Students who hope to work overseas after graduation should begin preparing early. The selection of a college major is one of the first steps for international job seekers because background and education are at the top of the list for most employers. While every college has a different menu of cour… read more

Heading Home? Bringing Closure and A New Beginning

“Heading Home? Bringing Closure and A New Beginning”

Tina Quick, a cross-cultural trainer and international speaker who works closely with international schools, colleges and universities around the world, has kindly agreed to talk about what happens when it's time to head back home after being an international student in the U.S.  You… read more


“Tricks for living off campus as a freshman”

When you start going to college, where you live can mean the difference between a good start of your future career and a disappointing few semesters. As a freshman, living off campus may involve renting your first apartment, and that’s a daunting task for any new student. There are a few tricks to… read more


“4 unique college programs you should consider”

If you are getting ready to enter college, this is certainly an exciting time in your life. There will be many choices to make, so you will want to take time and consider all of your options. Enjoy the moment, but also have an eye towards the future and what you want to do when you graduate. With th… read more

Romp to victory: student competitions for you

“Romp to victory: student competitions for you”

Student life has its perks, sure. And, while we won’t be wasting your time listing thousands of uni advantages, we will, however, give you something to think about: tempting student competitions. Bring the house down by entering these matchless contests: The CineSpace Short Film Competition by N… read more


“Worldwide academic calendars”

Sure, there’s nothing more important than deciding which type of degree you want to get your hands on, which university you wish to hang about, and which country you want as your next cultural residence. Once you’ve established these points, the only thing left to do is to check in at the airpor… read more

Migration data: under scrutiny

“Migration data: under scrutiny”

The ONS (The Office for National Statistics) is improving the way it calculates migration data and analysis on international student numbers. The main reason behind this has been triggered by a growing concern that the previously ONS published figures were rather questionable, and not accurate enoug… read more


“Is maths your number one?”

They say that maths is a language itself, spoken only by those stimulated by problem-solving and entangled formulas, those who like a challenge and want to develop their logical thinking and analytical approach further on. What do mathematicians go frantic about? In general, maths is divided into … read more


“Wake me up before you go, go”

Up until recently, countries and regions pointed out the importance of opening their door to foreign students, but they’ve seldom acted on exploring international study opportunities for their own citizens. Now, with the world’s economies getting more tied to each other, that’s about to change… read more

The HSK: all you need to know

“The HSK: all you need to know”

Students looking to move to study in China might want to consider picking up the language as well. Of course, this isn’t mandatory, but grasping the country’s language will definitely help you get around much easier. Knowing the language gives you complete access to the nation’s culture and so… read more


“South Africa, an attractive study-destination”

France and the UK showed the world, for numerous times, that they are well-versed in attracting international students coming from Africa. However, there is another influential partner that appeals to these young students more and more: South Africa. > Over the past few years, South Africa has … read more


“And the Oscar goes to... Montreal”

OK. It looks like you have made up your mind already. You will, after all, travel overseas to continue your studies. You kind of know which field you want to tackle, and everybody is rooting for you. But there’s one little thing you still need to tick off your list. Which city should you go to? S… read more


“Millennials, what’s driving you to study abroad?”

Despite what its name suggests, study abroad is not just an opportunity to improve the mind and specialise yourself in a certain field. Studying abroad is, over and above, the chance to assimilate new self-lives and take in new cultural experiences. In 2016, AFS Intercultural Programs, an internati… read more

Student in Ireland, for St. Patrick's Day?

“Student in Ireland, for St. Patrick's Day?”

There might be times when, in Ireland, you’ll find yourself slightly bored, scrolling up and down your phone, swiping left and right, watching videos with cats meowing on rhythms of rap. But not on St. Patrick’s day, no. On this 2017 St. Patrick’s Day, you have no reason not to hit the road a… read more


“Applying to study in Canada?”

For international students, studying in Canada doesn't just mean studying in a foreign country, but in one of the most well-developed countries in the world, a place that attracts a lot of foreign students every year. The concept of internationalisation is enjoying its peak time for a good time now … read more


“Community colleges: think global”

International students seldom think of going to study at a community college. And that’s because there is this (sometimes) wrong misconception that community colleges don’t have a proper vision put in place for internationalisation. With this booming marketplace though, this will soon cease to b… read more


“Best student-abroad programs to try during college”

Study abroad programs were once considered a luxury for many college students. Today, they a staple in creating a rich and diverse college experience. Although it is recommended to study abroad for any student interested in getting a master’s degree in international relations, diplomacy, or foreig… read more

Europe: cultural differences you might bump into

“Europe: cultural differences you might bump into”

People around the world have different cultures that make them unique. When travelling to a far-off country, it is wise to acquaint oneself with its people’s way of life to avoid unpleasant surprises. This helps the visitor to adjust their expectations and know how to react when presente… read more

IT degrees for tech wunderkinds

“IT degrees for tech wunderkinds”

Oh yes, we are living in a technological age. Today, more than ever. Tomorrow - even more. Jobs change according to what technology dictates. Careers get more ramifications depending on new inventions. Some become easier, others - obsolete, and new professions come into being. So how do we adapt to … read more


“Handwriting or typing?”

In today’s continuous digital boom, it’s hard to imagine a situation when students choose to turn a blind eye to computers. However unbelievable this may seem, research shows that university students tend to memorise information easier if they take their own notes... using just pen and paper. A… read more


“International students love Australia”

For the fourth consecutive year, Australian universities and higher education institutions have had the same number of international students who completed their studies. A recent report undertaken by the Department of Education and Training Australia shows that 70.8% international students enrolled… read more