A Coffee with Rema Menon Vellat



“Rema Menon Vellat is the Founder and Director of Counselling Point Training & Development”

Hello Rema, how do you take your coffee?

Hi! I like my coffee with milk and sugar in the company of either a good book or some friends.

Can you let us know a little about your background?  Have you always lived and worked in Dubai?

I have a Masters Degree in Medical and Psychiatric Social work from Madras University, India. After I graduated, for over a decade, I worked in the area of child adoption with the Indian Assn. of Adoption (IAPA) and Child welfare, Mumbai and the Indian Council for Child Welfare, Tamil Nadu (ICCW-TN). It was very rewarding.

In 1998, I moved to Dubai, U.A.E with my family and have been working here ever since. I began my professional life in Dubai as a counsellor with one of the largest Indian Schools called The Indian High School. Ten years ago I set up Counselling Point, where I work with young adults and their families. The centre is licensed by the Dubai Economic Dept. and the Knowledge and Human Devt. Authority. My business model is unique in that I do not accept commissions from Universities for students placed, instead charge a fee for my services.

You describe your role as a Visiting Counsellor at the University of Dubai; does this mean you also work for other institutions?

I am the Founder and Director of Counselling Point Training and Devt. I used to be a visiting Counsellor with the University of Dubai last year but there have been some structural changes in the institution and I no longer carry out that role. I used to teach Counselling Skills and Job search skills at Sharjah Women’s College, as an adjunct for three years, for their Bachelor of Education Programme.

 As an entrepreneur, deeply interested in Education and wanting to foster well being, I wear multiple hats. I serve as the Counselling Partner of GETEX, Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (www.mygetex.com), one of the largest Education Exhibitions in the ME Region and facilitate forums and workshops for counsellors and students.

For the past nine years, I have hosted an annual seminar titled ‘Head Start for Higher Studies’ to commemorate Int’l Day of Peace, 21st September wherein I invite representatives from the Canadian Embassy, British Council, American Business council, and the Dubai Int’l Academic City to speak about Education in their respective countries. With the support of a large bank, I am able to host this event at a good venue and charge no fees. For the past three years, I have also been bringing out an Educational handbook during this event. The book goes out free to all schools and is distributed at all education exhibitions in the U.A.E.