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Saving money on your international phone bill

It’s not impossible to keep your bill affordable whilst keeping in contact with your loved ones, it just takes some preparation. 

Shop aroundThere are companies that offer packages especially tailored to those who want to make international phone calls regularly.

Companies such Lebara offer pre-paid SIM cards that use the Vodafone network and will allow you to make calls home for as little as 1p per minute to India and 2p per minute to Australia, as long as you call a landline. The UK Post Office also offers a phone card that can save you money with calls to New Zealand from as little as 3p per minute.

Download SkypeCheck if Skype can be downloaded for your mobile phone as this can be very cost effective.

If you have not purchased a phone make sure it is available for the phone you’re buying. If you call anyone who also owns a Skype enabled device you can generally call for free, depending on the carrier.

Check comparison sitesIf you are buying your mobile phone in the UK, shop around as prices can vary dramatically.

Look for companies specifically offering international packages. 

Consider bundlesYou may want to consider a package.

It may be sensible to get your broadband and phone in one. That way, you will be able to download Skype and call home for free with the added advantage of seeing your loved ones on a larger screen.

Finally...The key is to shop around and look at your various options before committing.

Don’t go rushing into buying a phone with an expensive contract just because it has a nice handset and don’t start making lengthy calls home without looking carefully at home much it will cost you first.

As long as you’re careful, there is no reason you can’t find an option tailored to your needs that will allow you to keep in contact with everyone back home, whilst still leaving you with enough money to eat, pay the bills and explore your new surroundings.

This article is contributed by Kerry Butters on behalf of Mobile Genie, where you can find more information on the best mobile phone deals.