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How It Works

The key to a successful time abroad is good preparation and careful money management. Use our cost calculator to estimate what your outgoings are likely to be on an average week.

1. Select your country of studyUse the drop down menu (above) to select the country you will be studying in

2. Click on an icon (eg. food)

3. Choose itemsUsing the +/- boxes, decide which items you think you might need and how many of them you will purchase on an average week. The cost for each section will appear in the blue subtotal box

4. Other expensesUse this section to add any other regular weekly costs that you are already aware of (eg. medication, books, gym memberships)

5. Calculate your living costsPress the big red button and watch your grand total add up

Obviously, costs differ depending on where you are and how you want to live. These prices are based on average figures from the most expensive city of each country. This cost calculator is intended as a rough guide only.

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