Why Study Abroad?


6. Make New Friends

The friends that you make studying abroad could be friends for life. Odds are, they will be interested in travelling to your home country to see what its like, and in return you will have a place to stay if you travel to their area again. It's great to make friends with people who are local to the area as well as other international students from all across the world. Play your cards right and you could have a place to stay on all of the continents, which would certainly make travelling in the future cheaper.


7. See New Perspectives

When you meet new people at university, go in with an open mind and talk to everyone, even if they seem completely different to you. It can be easy to group with other students from your country who are studying abroad, but in reality you didn't travel far and wide to meet people who went to school down the road from you all the while. There's nothing quite like the excitement of not knowing anybody and having to find your feet. University is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons. The people who you meet in your first week will influence your life greatly over the next few years and beyond, so choose wisely!


8. Utilise Financial Aid

Studying abroad needn't send you to spiralling into financial ruin. Lots of universities are paired with other institutions across the world and offer exchange programmes for 1 year, such as Erasmus. The universities do a lot of the administration for these schemes and often the majority of the costs are covered too. If you are interested in spending a year abroad as part of your degree, speak your academic school administrator to see what options are available. In addition to this, there are often scholarships available to international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses all across the world.


Impress Future Employers