Why Study Abroad?


One of the most important questions facing prospective international students is "should I study in my home country or should I study abroad?

Depending on where you come from and where you are looking to study, international education could be a cross-country train away or completely on the otherside of the world. But wherever you are looking to study here are 10 reasons why a study abroad experience can be a good one for you.

1. Experience New Cultures

Every country in the world has its nuances, from unique social behaviours to celebrated religious festivals, from historical artefacts to lifestyle trends and much more. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to leave behind the familiar to explore the new. Embrace the local culture and choose which bits you want to take back home with you!


2. Be More Independent

As much as you may try, it can be hard to gain true independence when you know that your friends and family are still around and not too far away if you need them. There is nothing like taking away the safety net to discover new things about yourself and to assist your development into a young adult. It may feel like jumping in at the deep end, but you'll quickly learn to swim and will not know how you managed to spend so long on dry land before.


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