Top 4 Master's Degrees That Can Lead to a Lucrative and Satisfying Career

Your master's degree is a major investment in your future, and it is vital that you receive the proper training for a lucrative and enticing career. Whether you have just recently considered heading back to college or would like to move up within the ranks of your current company, here is a look at four master's programs that provide an excellent return on investment.

1. Master of Applied Mathematics

While math might not be for everyone, those who enjoy working with numbers should take a fresh look at applied mathematics. These graduates often get hired into science and engineering companies that are in need of big data analysts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for mathematicians is currently $111,000, and the number of jobs for these professionals is expected to grow by nearly 21 percent over the next ten years.

2. Master of Science in Management Information Systems

This is one of the most flexible master's degrees, and it allows graduate students to go into practically any field imaginable including video game design, mobile app development, and IT management. The flexibility of this degree is just one of the many reasons why it has become so enticing in recent years. Many entrepreneurs are now using these master's programs as a launching point for their new companies as well.

3. Master of Science in Health Administration

If you are curious about the healthcare industry but are not interested in hands-on work with patients, then you might want to consider online MHA programs. Health admins work behind the scenes to establish the policies that impact every single individual at a medical facility. They often manage teams that integrate new technology into the workplace and create hiring practices for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

4. Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

These programs generally take just two years to complete, and graduates will quickly find themselves in a position to directly help patients. Physician assistants diagnose medical conditions and come up with comprehensive treatment plans for complex illnesses. Under the supervision of a doctor, they can either work in a surgical setting or in a private practice. According to the AAPA, over 96 percent of these professionals would recommend their careers to others.

By choosing the right career path and graduate program, you can make sure you get the most out of your education in the coming years.


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