The benefits of being a student in London

Being home to some of the best universities in the UK, London is an attractive location for thousands of students. But getting an excellent education isn't the only reason why London is such a popular choice. London is one of the liveliest and exciting cities to live in, having so much to offer.

Things to do

Being the capital, London has endless amounts to do - so you’ll never find yourself bored. Once you have visited all of the typical tourist destinations like Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, there are plenty of other things to see and do on a student budget - whether it’s visiting free museums, galleries or exploring some of London’s many idyllic parks. 

London continually has loads of free events going on, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out online and in local newspapers.  What’s more, if you’re a shopaholic, and looking to make the most of your student discount, then London will certainly accommodate your needs with plenty of high-street shops, well known brands and boutiques all across London. 

Camden and Angel are very popular places for students - make it your challenge to visit as many different places as you can, during your time at university.  


There is plenty of student accommodation in London. Choose to live in student halls, or modern student blocks where you can live independently and meet a whole range of different people – London has nearly 300,000 full time students of which more than 100,000 are international students. 


If you’re new to London, at first, London transport may seem all very confusing and manic. However, don’t let this be a reason to put you off studying there. The transport options are endless and once you have been there more than a few weeks, you’ll quickly become acquainted with the way it all works.

The London underground is a great way to get across the city quickly and easily, so if you’re not one for walking half way across town to get to your 9am lecture, then London’s transport system might be ideal for you.  Alternatively, London also has excellent bus routes, which are often slightly cheaper than The Underground. Students have the added bonus of Student Oyster cards available. They are just £5 for the initial card, which saves you up to 30% on travel cards and bus passes and can be used as a normal Oyster card as well. 

However, if you’re looking to save your money for better things, then there is always the option of biking to university, with there being plenty of cycle routes as well as the latest "Boris Bike" scheme that allows you to dock out bikes for a small price.