Renting: a few things to remember


Whether you get an individual viewing, or it’s a kind of an ”Open Flat” - it may happen that the one you're interested in to have several other contenders. But stay on to you get a chance to talk to the landlord when it’s a bit quieter.

Don’t be shy to ask the landlord/property manager many questions. You are as much interviewing him/her as they are interviewing you. Ask what’s included (in some countries they have hot and cold rent; meaning the heating might be included, which can be quite a lot during wintertime): upfront costs, bond/security deposit, advance rent. Ask how they deal with involuntary damage and maintenance. Ask for your responsibilities. Ask, ask, ask!

Now the last, and probably, the most important thing to remember: ‘your SmartPhone is your friend’.

Photograph and scan everything and anything. Email it to your computer, keep it on iCloud, memory stick, external hard drive, whatever is most convenient and technically working for you. Print everything out, and keep it in a folder in a safe place. You never know when you may need it.

Never rely on someone else’s photographs. They might, for whatever reason, not be available when you need them. We hope this has helped you in crafting your masterplan. Now go and enjoy the flat hunt!


Special thanks to Wolfgang Wolf for providing us with this article. Wolf is author, counsellor, philanthropist, speaker and so much more. He is currently living in Auckland, New Zealand and he regularly talks to students of Community Development, Social Work and Nursing. You can read his blog on disability and rehabilitation here and follow his work here and here.