Preparing for Study Abroad: 5 Things You Need to Know


You have applied for a study abroad, have been accepted and now you cannot wait for your adventure to start. Job well done! However, don’t let the euphoria take over control, start preparing the documentation and yourself on time, so you would be at peace while waiting for your flight.

Do Your Research

Living and studying in another country can be tough and awkward if you don’t do your research. You should get familiar with the culture, cuisine, customs and other local necessities and traditions of the host country. The Internet is your magic tool, so take some time and dig. Read about the history, geography, government, economy and other important aspects of your soon-to-be-home your time spent there would be more meaningful. Additionally, talk to people who have spent some time there and get the first-hand experience and advice. Be thorough in order to avoid being overwhelmed when you arrive and so you could blend in more easily.

Necessary Documentation

Research was the easy part. Now you have to make sure to legally and neatly get into a foreign country. First important thing is getting your passport. Since these take a few weeks to process and prepare, make sure to apply as soon as possible. Next is checking if you are required a visa for your target country. The visa will depend on the country you are visiting, but all the English-speaking countries will require getting one. You should consult with some professional immigration services experts and know exactly what to do, fill and hand in.

A side note: bring a pen on the plane and keep your passport handy. There will be some additional paperwork to be done before entering the country, so be prepared.


Book a Plane Ticket

As soon as you get accepted, your Mom will probably start pressuring you to book a plane ticket almost a year in advance. However, do not give in to the pressure. The cost of plane tickets is usually the lowest about three months prior to the departure. Wait for the right month to come, but by then you can research the airline companies and their departures and when the time is right purchase your ticket online. Also, it would be a great idea to start packing a few months ahead so you would get everything you need; but make sure to watch the weight of your luggage. Plane ride is a great beginning for a new adventure, so take your time and think about the seats, company and comfort you want on your ride to the new world.