Paying it Forward: How to Use Your Education to Help Others


One of the most evident signs of success is demonstrated by the power to give back. The idea derives from a place of ultimate contentment, from which individuals feel compelled to invest their life experiences and valuable knowledge into surrounding communities. Although many students seek out career paths aimed specifically at community service, any education or career success can lead to a lifestyle of helping others.


In a survey commissioned by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, it was found that an estimated 16 million young people will become adults without ever connecting with a mentor. Many opportunities, including those at community shelters, exist for people hoping to use their experience for youth development. Organizations like Civic Enterprise have been designed specifically to help corporations create ways to benefit the community. Many companies have existing programs that help employees become involved in service-driven activities.

Health Care Law

According to a specialist who earned their health care law degree online, the need for professionals who understand recent healthcare policy changes is growing. Health care law students train to help keep hospitals, insurance agencies, and other health-related business operating within the scope of federal and state regulations. A 2013 article in US News predicted that the new laws would lead to a growing demand for health care law students, arguing that the need for dispute settlements would become the inevitable result of changes introduced by the Affordable Care Act.