Five Ways Online School is Better than the Brick and Mortar - Brooke Chaplan


Online schools have grown significantly in popularity and changed drastically over the last few decades. While some students still hesitate to commit to online learning, there are some major benefits to choosing online courses over the brick and mortar alternatives.


Online education offers students significantly more flexibility in their education than the traditional classroom. With the growth of technology in tablets and smart phones, online education is nearly always available. The huge expansion in technological capabilities has created a new atmosphere with online school as well. Online schools give students the ability to work at their own pace, taking more time on topics they have a difficult time with, and breezing through easier ones. This allows for more time to spend studying things that really interest them.


With very little overhead cost and less need to hire and support less staff, online schools tend to be significantly cheaper. There are even online public schools free of charge, just like the traditional public schools. While a working computer and internet connection are essential, everything else is optional. There is no need for transportation, school supplies, or special school clothes or uniforms.

Less Social Distraction

Humans are social creatures, and usually this is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, often educational studies get interrupted with social distractions. As long as a student has the will power to ignore email and social media while "in school", there should be far less distraction from peers while school is in session.